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  • Abigail E. Allen - Chubby from a back injury

    I took this. It made me feel full at dinner. I couldn't eat much at all.. not even a reasonable amount. Then in a few hours I was freaking - shaking from needing food.. I couldn't take more pills because it wasn't a mealtime and also I knew I needed nutrients. Because my body was freaking out I ate more than normal. I am not a big eater anyway so this isn't really my solution. This is good maybe for a overeaeter or binger who can't control their eating habits but what happens when it wears off? Should I have popped some more? I never feel hungry like that.. I was shaking. Just eat high fiber foods and you actually will give yourself nourishment and not feel over hungry.

  • Jason Wayne Allen - Headlights are really in like new condition now!

    This product actually works as described. It says it only takes 30 minutes but I took my time, sanded and used more water just to make sure I was doing everything correct. I'm glad I did. On the last step when you apply the UV gloss chemical it really makes the headlights look like new. Just remember to wipe away any drops/runs from the chemical right away! This is very important! Pay attention to how you do the last step and make sure to apply it evenly and overlap. If you see a run of the chemical wipe over it right away. Once this chemical is on the headlight longer than a minute then do NOT do any more wiping!

  • Matt D.S - Zippo Hand Warmer

    I bought this Zippo hand warmer, I choose the Chrome one. I bought this because I love Zippo and collect Zippo lighters. Unlike my lighters I filled this baby up and lit it. I live in Cali. so I don't need this in the spring and summer, but during the winter this is going to come in handy. I lit it hours ago and the things still Very Warm. When you light it at First you got to put extra fluid in it. But it works GREAT If its cold out, It looks just like the picture and work just like I'de expect, Great Buy. I would actually expect it to sell for more.

  • Vlad Otvos - The Beyoncé of Enemas at 35,000 feet

    I wa on my way to Europe and my layover was in Atlanta. Prior to boarding my international flight, I bought a bag of these from a small store in the airport. Never in a million years did I think that my assigned seat for the duration of the 8 hour flight would be in the airplane's lavatory.

  • Bryan Murray - They do not interfere with those that wear glasses or sunglasses.

    I have to give these Bluetooth Music Headphones and Bluetooth Headset a 9.9 out of 10 and make them my favorite pair. I own many brands and styles and these have performed exceptionally well. Very durable and easy to travel with.

  • Ferrara - Did not work.

    Did not like. Product did not work at all. Tried hooking it up on 3 different tvs in 3 different locations, near Windows, etc. Nothing. Then had to eat a 30% restocking fee for this garbage after putting in a claim with Amazon. Save your money and go with the Mohu leaf.