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  • Patricia Mitchell - Nice product

    This power bank is rather amazing! fast ship and it looks and feels amazing in the hand, the smooth curves on the side really add to this device and also allow you to put it in your pocket comfortably unlike other power banks. It has a brushed aluminium finish all around the device which prevent it from getting scratched and feel great. There are many certifications which mean it is reliable and safe. The quick charge feature works like a treat and charges it the same, if not faster than my wall socket! For price this is a nifty bit of kit and performs really well! I would recommend!

  • David Norman - Oil Filter

    This is the perfect size filter that I needed for my truck and it came very highly recommended to me.

  • Renman - My Review 3/23/2014

    Run away from this company! On 3/23/2013 I installed the software on my Windows XP machine. It made the computer so sluggish and slow that after just a couple of hours I uninstalled it. My computer went back to normal. Since 3/23/2013 I have received only one email about an early bird renewal in November, and three from the 3/23/2013 install. Did I mention that the price on 3/23/2013 was $29.00 ? Over the weekend (3/23/2014) I was checking my online banking and noted that Bitdender had dinged my account for $79.95 without any prior notification. If there was a box for auto-notification when i purchased it, i certainly didn't see it. I checked my entire e-mail box and only found the the above dates for correspondence. The overseas operators i spoke to where courteous but unable to refund my money. Only one offered to cancel my account at my request so I would not be charged again. This company's product is flawed and there business practices are certainly highly questionable.

  • Shawn - Excellent workouts on here...

    Used this game since September, I've lost over 60 pounds to date. Some people complain about the tracking on the floor exercises, I've had some minor issues with tracking, such as my head being tracked as my feet during sit-ups, but that doesn't mean you can't do the exercise.

  • Rican5Barbie - Beat cream out there!!!!

    For a year now I have been going through so many different creams for my acne/marks on my face and I got to the point where I just gave up then I came across this and decided to give it a try and OMGGGGGGGGGGG my face is clearing up!!!! In just day's! Not only that but it makes my face look so clean and young I absolutely recommend this cream! The only thing would be that at first it might sting a little wen u apply it but it goes away.

  • C. A. Rake - Good, but not outstanding, set of wireless headphones for running

    I was looking for a pair of bluetooth headphones for running. I had previously tried out a pair that cost almost 4x, but I wanted a more affordable option. Based on the reviews I decided to give these a shot.

  • Theseus - Biiiiiiiiig Book Which Allows Multiple Ways to Prepare

    Here is Kaplan's state-of-the-art tome. It has what you need: test strategies, practice tests, practice quizzes, detailed explanations, resources online, and a lot of "what to expect."