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  • Mariposa - Biosilk is a great, unless it's a fake!

    I've been using this product for about 10 years. This is the first time I've ordered it through Amazon. I completely agree with the reviewers that gave it one star. The product you'll be getting is watered down Biosilk! I would be totally turned off by this product had this been my first exposure. The scent is off and it reeks of alcohol, this is not Biosilk! Buy it from a reputable salon. Biosilk comes with a BluePrint "Pull Here" on top of the silver seal, this product does not. If you're a long time Biosilk user, do not waste your time; if this your first time ordering, just know that you're probably getting a copycat. You will notice it as soon as you start pouring it onto your hands. The liquid will be very runny, as the alcohol will start pouring out first-Biosilk does not do this.

  • Ernie Lautsch - best tax time asset.

    While I use Turbo Tax, it really doesn't cover everything, or won't tell you all your deductions. J.K. Lasser's is the best. Over the years, this book has proved to be far superior over all the other books out there. The best part, it also explains why you can or cannot do things with your taxes.

  • Amazon Customer - A good product with some flaws that should have been caught during testing

    I've used TurboTax products since they were introduced in the 80s. In the past Intuit did an excellent job insuring that the user interface worked. This year there were several problems with the UI and there was no simple way to make Intuit aware of the problems: In the "change of ownership" I checked "no" but the program continued to guide me through the change of ownership questions. I had to go back to the initial set of questions to 'reset' the no ownership change. When I was ready to submit the forms electronically, I scanned a document and pasted the path to the .tif document into the 'location' text box. When I went to submit the form I found that the signature page was not attached. I had to return to the start of the filing section and click "find the image file" button rather than pasting in the path that I already knew. I'm surprised that Intuit no longer solicits real customer feedback. The survey at the end where I could have noted my problems now contains only marketing segmentation questions without asking the user for any substantial feedback. I will grudgingly use TurboTax in the future because there is currently nothing better.