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  • Nigel Bond - Dirty

    I am very disappointed in the Weathertech floor mats for my F-150. The fit is not perfect and I cannot get them clean. I scrub with soapy water and then rinse with clean water and when dry, they still look dirty. 2 months old and they look old and shabby. For the money, $200, they are very poor value, I feel I was ripped off

  • Meg in Madison - works for chipmunks too

    While in the process of buying our townhouse, we discovered during the home inspection that a chipmunk had found a gap at the top of the foundation and had made a nice little home under the enclosed stairs. The since-evicted chipmunk was, of course, not housebroken, so it left droppings and urine all over the bare concrete floor. (Yuck.) Concrete is porous, so the urine had soaked in. A bleach solution killed the germs but didn't touch the odor. So, I did a lot of Internet research and settled on Nature's Miracle for our first attempt at odor removal. We used one quart, in two applications (one right after the other). We followed the instructions, except that we left it on for somewhat longer than recommended. Poof! Odor gone! Plus, we really appreciated that Nature's Miracle has essentially no odor itself (and I'm really sensitive to such things).

  • Michelle_AfterDark - but Marriage Games reminds me why I fell in love with this author's writing

    4.5 Marriage Games is everything that expected this author to write. Although I have read all of her books, but Marriage Games reminds me why I fell in love with this author's writing. Adam Steinbeck wants his wife back and he will do anything in his power to get her back even if it is to take her away for 30 days to rekindle their love, but what Diana, his wife, didn't know was about his past predictions. I am not going to say much, only that you need to read it and experience the mind blowing mind games this author will play with your head and it's breathtaking. January cannot get here fast enough.

  • Jeffrell - If you use it right, it really works. Evenon kinky hair

    I was previously not a fan of this product. But when my Donna Marie curling gelly went out of stock I tried everything. Including that awful drying dulling ecostyler. I broke down and went to a fantastic hairstylist and she showed me I was using it all wrong. I washed my hair with deva curl no poo, kinky curly will turn whites if you have any sulfates in your hair. I deep conditioned with deva curl heaven in hair and applied the knot today on dripping wet hair. I then squeezed out the excess and wet my hair again with a spray bottle and applied the kccc. WOW! I can get 6 day hair, workout every day with no issue. I even used a blow dryer to stretch my roots once it was dry,

  • Book Worm - I love my Moov device and the app

    I love my Moov device and the app. I use it for the running metrics mainly to increase my cadence. It provides verbal and visual feedback during the run on my headphones and phone. The app calculates other key metrics as well for later viewing. It was all the more upsetting when I lost the Moov core when it slipped out of the ankle strap at the end of a run. I contacted the support team and heard back quickly with an offer for a steeply discounted replacement core with the improved ankle band. Well worth it.

  • RHarsha - Not for fine hair!

    Dr Miracle's Hot Gro smells great, gingery and sort of spicy, with a pleasant scalp tingle that is not at all overpowering.