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NY State Intellectual Disabilities/Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association - The NY State Intellectual Disabilities/Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association supports member activities in nursing law, education, research and practice.

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    Ok if ur clean for 5-7 days and do the 5 day cleanse befor then befor you drink this drink as much water as possible the idea is to b pissing water and this drink is supposed to put the vitamins minarals and creatine back into ur urine so it don't con back inconclusive or diluted but the lack of instructions is what makes me give this only two *s if I don't have lots of experience with this topic I sure would of failed so if u do go this route I hope u read this

  • Andrew Leever - More than A Dream.

    A few years back, some time in the late 80s, my late wife took it upon herself to destroy the house and steal most of my belongings, including my best pair of goose-down ear-warmers, and left leaving only a small note explaining why. I can't remember most of the details, but it mostly had to do with the dog, bless her heart, and her snoring. Unfortunately this drove me over the edge, seeing as how the dog died years ago. Searching the house, I came upon one small item she had neglected to take from me. My father's old microwave. Maybe it was because my parents burnt her favorite tea cozy, but never once had she appreciated them. I spent the next few days fiddling with the damn thing, eventually resorting to the burnt bits of macaroni and butter left over in the thing from my father's last microwave escapade in the 72. Using the last of my pocket change and a few bucks from the couch, I staggered to the store, starving, and bought a pack of smokes. I used to be fairly proficient in making fire with only a few scraps of paper, so I grabbed the nearest book and tore out a couple of pages. Luckily for me, sweet baby Jesus was smiling on me that day. But enough about me.

  • Mae Day - Great!

    I'm not a very technical person, but this was very easy for me to install and use. With one subscription, it can protect all the devices that you have, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. I also love how it can store your passwords securely, to make it easy to keep them and safe! I am a really big fan of this software so far! Will update review if I have any problems!