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  • Sf87 - Great!

    We used this a lot as we love to go running and go on walks! This was easy to click into the stroller and our carseat clicked right in. The only complaint I have is our stroller wouldn't fold up with it in so we would have to remove it to collapse the stroller. It's also a tad bit pricey, as is most of the BOB products. I would still recommend! Much easier than taking your child out of the carseat to put into the stroller. Thanks BOB!

  • Masquerade - Not nearly as sturdy as the original hubcaps from my 2006 Sienna CE ...

    Not nearly as sturdy as the original hubcaps from my 2006 Sienna CE - but then again not nearly as expensive that OEM. You get what you pay for and these look exactly like the ones I had on my van but without the Totoya symbol.

  • Credit Secrets Series Author - Pleasantly Surprised

    I purchased this device out of desperation, as a last resort, after all else I had attempted to alleviate 20-year chronic back pain had failed. These methodologies included acupuncture, chiropractic, epidural injections, physical therapy, prescription medications and a very expensive procedure known as PLDD (percutaneous laser disc decompression). I was not expecting the Back2Life device to work but it has. Though it has not "cured" my back pain, within the first few weeks of use, it has substantially reduced it and, equally importantly, has enabled me to sleep soundly for long stretches of time for the first time in 20 years! In that sense, it has been worth its weight in gold. There are a number of oddities about the device, however, which may not be readily apparent to everyone who tries to use it. The crossbar for the legs extends in increments of two inches only and the height indication does not correspond to a person's actual height. For example, you can be 5'7" but need to set the leg rest at a height of 5'10" in order for it to work well. On the basis of my experience, I would say that anyone who suffers from chronic back pain would do well to consider a simple solution first and not rule out this product simply because it is associated with infomercials.

  • Mr. Rogers - Foggy feeling

    I bought this to help improve my memory or comprehension, but the few times I tried it, it did the exact opposite of what I wanted. Made it difficult to read and remember what I read, and made me feel tired.

  • Al G. - nice knife

    thick blade , shave my arm with no problem out of the box. some sawing tooth will be the only thing this knife needs.

  • jimmyfergus - Very good, plenty of room for improvement

    (After a few months with this, I upped the rating to 4* from 3. I like it a lot; not perfect, but a very useful bag)

  • Scarlett - BP readings off by about 20 points

    This is pretty useless since, when compared to my home BP plug in monitor and the Dr. office bp cuff, this one is about 20-30 points off. Total waste of money.