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  • Amazon Customer - 2012 Version Was Better

    The list of accounts is now much more annoying to use and takes up WAY to much screen space. It makes my daily tasks take 40% more time than the 2012 version. Also there is no easily accessable home button, if you close the home screen you have to go hunting. Overal this is deffinatly a step backwards. Stay away.

  • JackMetal - Loads of hidden information to keep us healthy

    This book is a goldmine of great under reported health secrets. The main theme is that most problems or so called diseases are caused by mineral/vitamin deficiencies. It also shatters the cholesterol myth. Cholesterol is an essential element for health. Ultra low cholesterol can be a bad thing which causes many problems including sexual performance problems. Many things in this book are the exact opposite of what the public has been led to believe by the media and mainstream medicine.

  • Henrik - I love the book!

    For its huge size it doesn't give you that much more information than you already know but the tricks and tipps that it has are totally worth the price. Also the tests are a great opertunity to practice.

  • Anthony Adams - Solid screen protector

    Saw this on UnboxTherepy via YouTube. Lou did a great job explaining the product. My only complaint and it's minor is that it doesn't cover all of the screen.

  • Chris in CO. - No more rotten eggs!!!

    I bought Cataclean for the sole purpose of cleaning up the sulfur/rotten egg smell generated by any hard acceleration of my 2005 Chrysler 300C with 5.7L HEMI. Not only did it clean up the exhaust odor, the entire vehicle has been running better ever since. Eat your heart out, BG 44K!!! Cataclean is a great product!

  • Goldmann - as an idea having the screen is cool in theory however it itself drains the battery pack ...

    as an idea having the screen is cool in theory however it itself drains the battery pack on its own when not in use