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    City: -75.4083 Pennsylvania, United States

  • Kathy A. Toomey - Allergic Itchy Rash

    Made my neck and jawline break out the first time I tried it. I do not have sensitive skin either. Stopped using it. Found it as I was cleaning out my vanity drawer and tried it again. Itchy rash again. Throwing it out this time!!

  • del a p - this product is crap

    To hell with this nu wave crap..I had to replace the dome 3 times already ..I will be looking for a better product to replace this thing with..PS the customer service sucks big nuts..

  • Third Wiley - Like good wine it improves with age.

    Used Wet and Forget on the brick floor of our front porch. Living in Florida this floor was covered with a green growth, especially following rains. As advertised, Wet and Forget did the job and it continues to remove more following each rain. The only reason I gave it a four star was it is not as efficient in cleaning a wooden swing, admittedly badly covered with mildew and mold. Great product and I will definitely order more when this is gone.

  • D. Marsh - Nice but not the best

    I wanted to try this moisturizer since I love Exuviance foundation. I was hoping I'd also fall in love with this skin treatment. I can't criticize anything specific, but I didn't love it. It has a nice texture, and a little goes a long way. It does make my skin feel soft, and the scent isn't too heavy. For a similar price,though, I think I prefer the Olay Pro-X or Regenerist line. Primary reason? I did have a few small break-outs after using Exuviance Restorative Complex for a couple of weeks. Did the Exuviance cause this? I'm not sure. With the easy availability of Olay, I think I'll return to that family of skin care products.

  • Danii - Migraine cure??

    I stumbled upon this as a suggested item on Amazon as I was looking for organic face wash. Everything happens for a reason because I think I've finally found a cure for my debilitating migraines. I've suffered from migraines for 12 years. I've tried everything I've never been able to find a trigger except a change in the barometric pressure or stress. I've also never been able to find a treatment to prevent the migraines from occurring. I get a migraine as frequently as every 5 days. I'm a current nursing student and I just can't take the time to battle a migraine. The only thing that gets rid of them is immitrex which is very costly and I'm currently uninsured. take depakote two times a day and have found no improvement. I've seen a neurologist, had MRI s CT scans, blood work, my thyroid, and blood sugar checked.... everything comes back normal. I've kept food and activity diaries. My doctor has laterally come to a dead end in medications to try. I've only been using this for a little over two weeks but I've been. Migraine free. I take two capsules in the morning and one in the evening. I have felt a few start to form but I take an alieve and its gone. This is seriously a record for me. Usually I'm down for days when I het a migraine in constant debilitating pain with dizziness and nausea. I hope to stop taking the depakote and continue being migraine free with the black seed oil!

  • Sarah K - it's okay

    It works okay if you want a quick fix for some ugly counters. I applied this approximately 4 months ago and there are parts of my counter already peeling up. I would suggest someone use evirotex or an epoxy like it for a more sturdy and long lasting top coat. (just make sure you follow the directions for evirotex to the T) You do not have to buy a kit to have great looking faux granite counters, it's all in the way you paint it yourself. Get some samples from your local home improvement store that you like and go buy your own paint with an epoxy top coat.