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  • cassidy anne - I know it usually makes it worse but when you have acne you usually want to ...

    I am 22 years old with combination/acne prone skin. Ive had acne since I was in fifth grade and all throughout my high school years I had SEVERE acne. I went on prescription stuff to get rid of it but I still get breakouts now and again and Ive had scarring and dark marks for years. I started using liquid foundations and powders to try to cover up my skin. I know it usually makes it worse but when you have acne you usually want to do everything you can to hide it. I finally bought this stuff about a month ago and ive been using it morning and night every day. I have ALSO stopped wearing skin makeup on my face. The constant redness is gone, about half the spots are faded/gone as well. This product is fantastic...smells great, its SUPER light and not sticky at all...and the quality of my skin has improved by soooo much. My boyfriend is constantly telling me my skin looks healthier...he didn't even know I was using this stuff til 2 days ago. I will be updating and posting before and after pictures when I'm done with the bottle. I am about halfway through now.

  • J. Russell - No support

    After I sent them a letter asking for some help just once with the Nero software I bought with my hard-earned money in 2015, Nero sent me a letter from Germany stating that they did not offer any phone or online technical support for their product. If you are a person who may need support with complex software, do not buy this product. Sure, their agents always give them top ratings--and each and every edition is supposed to be the new and super upgrade--but that's just a sales pitch disguised as a review. Any product of any type you can buy is no better than the company that makes and sells it, so "no support" is exactly the same as "bad product" and "bad company." If enough people don't buy Nero, the company will step up to the plate and stand behind their products and help customers with real live help. Help yourself and help the rest of us by not buying Nero until they have the technical support that respects the customers' money that goes to pay their company bills and to support them and their families. Thank you.

  • Nelson - Best phone ever

    The best phone you will ever have, can handle many applications in background and it still responds as expected, zero lags and the curved screen is the best.

  • diana - processed foods are okay to eat....load of crap!

    The only little thing this author gets right is that Americans are eating too much sugar. Following this diet you might be a small step better than what you are currently eating, but following this diet isn't going to make you a lot healthier, nutritionally. Little to no fruit...What is he thinking there have been numerous studies out there about how important whole fruit is, we needs the nutrients on a daily basis. There is so much natural fiber in fruit that our bodies needs. This guy says cheezits are okay...Completely off basis.

  • nihongasuki - Very nice!

    I absolutely love this screen protector. It is so nice on my iphone 7. It is slightly smaller than the screen. You will notice it when you are trying to select or swipe to the very edge of the screen. Overall, it is a very nice protector though. It is soft and doesn't hold fingerprints. Very easy to clean and good protection. I would definitely buy this screen protector again.

  • Abraham G. - did not like it

    product smells horrible!!! very strong oder and not so great leaves my hair very dry not much difference from cheaper products

  • Erin - Doesn't work

    I was incredibly dissapointed in this. From the moment I opened the box it didn't work. My wii couldn't read the disc at all. I tried cleaning and repairing but nothing works. Consider just buying this from the store because then it'll be easier to return