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  • Thane Krios - PERFECT! Wish I had picked it up ages ago

    This thing is perfect, I can't imagine a way it could be better. A few months ago I decided I was sick of fumbling with my auxiliary cord during my commute, which barely worked half the time and gave me a hiss/white noise the other half. I picked up a bluetooth receiver that was powered through my cigarette lighter's USB charger. Fast forward a month or two, and any shake of the wire killed the connection to that thing. So I started to look for battery powered Bluetooth receivers.

  • Bloodaxes - Niacin Dump

    I bought these through my local grocery store. They definitely give me extreme energy, but they feel almost dangerous. I would take them before leaving to work and not long into my drive my heart wound start pounding and I would sweatand feel terribly hot. I kind of liked the feeling, but the reaction I had due to the niacin was unbearable. My skin from head to toe turned lobster red, burned, and was tender to the touch for about half an hour every time I took a dose, even with just one pill. I can't recommend these, especially if you haven't consulted a doctor first to see if your body could handle it. The Red bottle is excellent, without the side effects.

  • Richard - Can't go wrong with a CandyShell

    Speck makes good products, and this is one of them. Fit was great. The 2 problems that I did have were expected, and it ALWAYS happens with this kind of material. The plastic is glossy, so it scratches easily. The rubber is a bright color, so it will get dirty.

  • S. J. Rafferty - Do not trust documents to this scanner

    It appeared to save documents. It appeared to do huge backups - 8Gigs+. But when I tried to export to PDF, I get an error message. After six months of denial, customer service looked at the error log and confirmed that my documents are gone forever - and the paper copies have been discarded.

  • John LeRoy - Great durability. Would highly recommend

    The workout variety is limitless and results are all but guaranteed! Great durability. Would highly recommend!