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  • David T. - Worked great for less than a month before dying

    These sounded great, and I really liked them until they just quit working. Used them for 45 minutes each day at the gym on the stationary bike or the elliptical. This morning, while listening to a playlist, I got an oral "low battery" warning, followed a few minutes later by another warning. Then, the unit just completely shut down. When I got home, I immediately put it on the charger. No red light came on to indicate charging, so I tried another charger and wall outlet. Still no red light. The User Manual said to give it thirty minutes, but it has now been seven hours, and still no red, blue or any other light. The unit is completely dead. I tried turning it back on several times while using the charger, but like I said, it's gone, dead, finis! For added information, I ordered this product less than one month ago (three and one half weeks ago to be exact)!

  • Ulsterman - A Typical Charles Murray Book -- Excellent

    Some people just can't seem to write badly, and Murray is one of those. He manages to sift through reams and reams of sociological statistics and data and, amazingly, make it all interesting. While I admit I occasionally skip over a few data-dense paragraphs, for the most part this is a highly readable book about a subject of great importance, i.e., the decline of what Murray calls America's "founding virtues"--industriousness, honesty, marriage, and religion. Yes, the picture he paints is unpleasant--but he tries to keep an optimistic tone, and I applaud him for one of his statements near the end of the book: individually, the people who make messes of their lives may be reasonably decent people (and we all know some of them), but, collectively, they are doing immense harm to society, and I'm afraid I just can't be as optimistic as Murray is. Sadly, our love for "tolerance" and being "nonjudgmental" means that people who are lazy, dishonest, and incapable of personal commitment never meet with the disapproving stare that previous generations tried to avoid.

  • Michael Ashe - Definitely one of my favorite supplements

    I've tried half a dozen probiotics before finally giving in and trying Align. I avoided it because it's so damn expensive and I thought it was just a big corporation jumping on the probiotic bandwagon. It's also just one strain so I figured some of the multi strain ones would be better. Turns out this is the best one I've tried. The only other one that had such an immediate and obvious effect is the Digestive Advantage brand. But ultimately DA made me a little constipated and just didn't feel quite right. By all means give it a try if money is an issue since it's much cheaper than Align. I also tried Culturelle which is ok but not nearly as spectacular as Align. Align not only reduces gas but makes it less malodorous. I noticed it working within 24 hours. I can't believe such a tiny pill can make a difference. I've been on it about a month. Last week I started drinking Goodbelly probiotics too. They sell it in the yogurt section and this stuff kicks ass too. With Align and Goodbelly combinded, I'm having WAY less gas. This is awesome.

  • Rocket Scientist - Not much difference from 2012 year version.

    I haven't noticed any performance or other advantages on my family computers, when upgraded from KAV 2012 to KAV 2013. Generally, it works fine and slows down computer much less, compared to Norton,Mcafee and others. The only major drawback I see is in unresponsive suppport. I have a license problem, created support ticket on January 4th, and it is still unanswered !

  • Erica - Like Magic on Old Duct Tape

    I purchased this to remove old duct tape that had been used to add a design to my Kymco People Scooter. After a couple of years, the duct tape facing was peeling off and looked terrible. I used this adhesive remover and it worked like a charm! Scooter is like new again.

  • Amazon Customer - Not bad, besides stains and smell

    Some of the wrenches came with some chemical stains on them, not sure what it was, but nothing that I couldn't rub off. One had some black "goo" that I had to scrape off with a thumb nail; The carrying pouch has that awful "straight out of china" smell that takes awhile to go away and make your hands smell, do not like that. They appear to be decent quality wrenches, but obviously not "snap on" in feel. Used a few on a brake job and car repair and they worked without incident. Good price for a large number of wrenches.

  • ladyv - Seeing some progress...

    I read so many reviews about this product, good and bad, and decided to try it for myself. I have been using them for a month and have just ordered a second month's supply only because not only I, but my hairdresser has noticed new growth. I am trying to thicken and grow hair in a couple of areas where I lost hair due to a weave. The rest of my hair is very long. I will come back and give it another review in another month after I have been using this for sixty days.