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  • Amazon Customer - Great Travel Sizes

    I love these little bottles. They are great for traveling. I really like the Wen Hair Care items. My scalp is oily so I have to use regular shampoo every so often. Most of the time, all I need is the Wen shampoo and my hair looks and feels great.

  • Theresa - Great Value

    Used it first time this morning walking my dogs and really happy with the light produced. I won't waste my money on the 5 dollar wonders anymore. This thing lit up the sidewalk and the spotlight zoom is incredible. I'll see how battery life is, but right now it's a 5 star prize.

  • Mammy Tilly - Great source for the penny pincher for natural cures.

    This is about how to take care of yourself with easy suppliments all supported by research and science. Questions answered are what herb is as good as chemotherapy? What mineral helps the heart? What herb helps the heart? What herb is especially good for the liver? and many more!

  • Gillian L. Rosheuvel - Introducing

    It's interesting to view this album through the lens of history. Whether aware of it or not, most music fans are quite familiar with Massive and the long shadow they've cast over pop music. But 11 years ago, the mix of musical styles that would later come to be termed (somewhat simplistically) trip-hop was new and invigorating. Listening to it in 2002, "Blue Lines" has the effect of taking you back to the year of your choice: 1975 ("Be Thankful For What You've Got"), 1988 ("Daydreaming"); 1991 ("Lately"). Yet, this album is no retro piece. Instant classics like "Safe From Harm", "Unfinished Sympathy", and "Five Man Army" herald new approaches to hip-hop and dance music in particular, and pop music in general.