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  • Ron Baker - Epic destruction

    Excellent action and special effects are front and center in this tension filled global disaster film. The action is big and starts early in the story. Grand, epic events unfold at a breakneck pace and it is all very well done. If you like big summer popcorn flicks you will love 2012.

  • Susan Blake - What a Help!

    This is a thick book with extremely helpful information on all the major cities in Italy. We said "Thank you, Steve" more than once on our trip as he saved us money and time, and gave meaning to the many sites we were seeing. We booked most of our motel nights through recommendations given in the book and ate at some of the places he suggested - all were accurately described. He made us look like seasoned travelers with tips as detailed as whether to turn left or right after exiting the train to quickly find a taxi. We actually tore the book into sections, according to the town we were in, and held the sections together with two small binder clips so we could easily carry only the needed information with us each day. I am ashamed to say we ditched each section as we finished the town because we were carrying our (Rick Steves) luggage on our backs and wanted to carry as little as possible; but we will order this book again if we are lucky enough to return to Italy. Worth every dime (or euro). :-)

  • E. Rowe - Gone gone gone...

    Like others, the little puck fell right out of the rubber band strap. It lasted 48 hours. They need to come up with some way to track the thing if it gets lost (it has bluetooth after all), and make the mounting a bit more secure before it's going to be worth buying.

  • Sharon Buckner - Best American Short Stories 2010

    I have been buying Best American Short stories every year for many years. I always give it to myself from "Santa." It's interesting to see what the guest editors pick every year and the stories are well worth reading.

  • kmarie83 - Great vitamin to incorporate into your routine!

    I have been wanting to incorporate some vitamins for my hair and nails for a while now. My nails have getting brittle and breaking easily and also my hair is seeming not as thick as it once was. I have been using these for almost a week and already notice that my hair is not shedding as much in the shower and my nails seem to growing. I am excited to see how these will be after several weeks! Love that they are gummys as well. They are like having a little treat in the morning.