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  • tom451 - Touch display too hard to use, battery stuck, etc

    It makes interesting sounds when functions on and off, but I have found the K2 unusable. From the start, I had trouble with the touch alarm button being so small compared to my ability to see it and touch it precisely in the morning. Why they didn't make the whole touch area sensitive to Turning off the alarm is a question. Why would you want to pair BT when the alarm is going off in the morning, for example. Snooze has its own touch bar. The display became dimmer over a year period compared to a second one I bought as a gift. The battery was an unnecessary extra for me, but it won't eject from the unit, anyway. The powered ejection failed early. Use the pinhole battery eject on the bottom of the unit with a paperclip. I used to charge my phone using the unit. But really, the power strip has USB plugs, so now I just use my phone to wake me up while it is plugged in and charging. The android clock on my phone has larger areas to touch and the app's display points to where to touch with a video. No problem even for blurry eyes and no glasses. Should have returned them to Costco. Now I will donate them. Maybe a child will use it to play music. I keep a phone charger in my backpack that contains 4 AA cells. All convenience stores in Japan sell these cheap.

  • MattD - Get a different Freedompop device. This one is VERY limited coverage, kind of scammy buisness model doesn't help.

    Freedompop's business model is kind of scammy. They try to upsell to the $20 tier and have addons that add little value but several extra dollars. On this "Photon 4G," you only get Clearwire's impossibly small 4G WiMax network. I'd recommend their Novatel 4082 or "Overdrive" mobile hotspots instead.

  • Edward Santos - Great Antenna

    This is a great "stubby" antenna. It was exactly what I needed. My factory antenna bent and I was in need of a replacement. I bought this one because the reviews were high. It shipped fast and it was easy to install. So far the I have been very pleased with the signal of the antenna. It works just as well as the factory one without the hassle of being in the way and bending all over the place. I would definitely recommend this antenna to those who are looking for a replacement for their factory antenna. Did I mention that it looks stylish as well. I have already received compliments on how it looks and where it can be purchased.

  • andrew - I bought this protection and installed it and thought my ...

    I bought this protection and installed it and thought my computer was protected. not even close. I still had to pay additional money to get rid of a virus. This didnt protect me, nor did it get me assistance with resolving my issue. I went back to norton.

  • Amazon Customer - Very happy

    This product was recommended by my geek friend who fixes my computer regularly. He advised this is what he uses and since I appear to be a virus magnet he figured I needed it badly. So far We are both happy with the results.

  • Jared - Great product; steep price, but worth it

    This stuff is great for a child that is sensitive to diaper rash. It's a bit steep on the price, but it definitely does the job. If you're stumped on why your kid keeps getting rashes or the other watery creams aren't working, this is your best bet.

  • Amazon Customer - Chrissy J Girl πŸ”₯πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ”₯πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ”₯

    Omg Chrissy J, This Book Was So Good. I Can Already Tell This Series Is About To Be A Good One. Drake & Destiny Has No Chill At All πŸ˜‚ Royal Mama Rachel Is So Funny & Queen PettyπŸ˜… I Like Feni & Kimora Together. I Loved Me Some Sexy Dreadhead Majesty 😍😍Plus I Think Royal Is So Cute For Him. They Good For Each Other But Something Definitely Ain't Right With His Ex Lisa Popping Back Up Out The Blue Plus Who Could Be Shooting At Them Inside The House. I Bet It Probably Chinx. I hope everyone okay Plus Royal baby. I'm loving this crew already 😍 they are all some characters πŸ˜… Can't Wait For Part 2😬