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  • Jill - Every version gets worse

    I am forced to upgrade to 2011 if I want to continue downloading activity. Or at least that is what Quicken warnings tell me. So I upgraded today and, as usual, more junk and nothing I can use. Every version gets more cluttered. This one seems particularly hard on the eyes. Once again layout has been changed just enough to be very annoying. Color choices are terrible. Current balances on investments is no longer main window and has to be opened manually. Really? My balances change daily. The transaction register that now has priority changes about once a month. I don't see any way to adjust preferences there. A tag window has now been added to the check register. As far as I can tell it is just a duplication of another field and I don't see any way to get rid of it.

  • T. Callahan - Good but use it correctly

    Works at removing adhesive however be sure to wipe it off right after spraying it on. If you don't and it drys it leaves a stain

  • Sandra M. Weaver - Best brush for short coated dogs!!!

    Works like magic! I'm a dog groomer so I'm always looking for new, innovative products to try. This one has changed my grooming life! It hands down beats the furmintor or rubber curry ( which I've always loved, used and highly recommended). My own 4 dogs clamor to get brushed w this and I've never seen their coats so shiny! I use it on my lab, Australian Cattle dog and a retriever mix who has medium length 'hair'. Also a Boston mix. I was amazed at the amount of fur it takes off with just light strokes. Do not hesitate to buy this. I'm ordering another; I need one for home, one for work.

  • Maria - I would recommend the following for those of you who are planning ...

    I thought that this book was okay. I used it to study for my French CLEP. However, I would recommend the following for those of you who are planning to take the French CLEP: get the Baron's SAT French Subject test study guide and listen to the dialogues. The passages in the book are also very helpful. When you take the French CLEP you only have one chance to listen to the dialogue and select your answer. Here is a breakdown of the test: the first part is listening to dialogues and choosing the best answer on the screen. The 2. part is grammar and feeling the blank type questions. The 3. part is reading the passages (long) and choosing the correct response. I would say that if you want an experience of what is like to take the test, the College Board study guide is good but other than that this book doesn't get you very far. I highly recommend using Baron's as mentioned above, as well as listening to a French radio like NRJ for example, so that you will have an idea of formal French and colloquial French. Also, for dialogues go on Youtube and look for French people talking about random things to train your ear. I studied for 2 months and I scored a 68,