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  • ivan - terrible instructions, and it just simply does not work

    This thing is worth less. No support, terrible instructions, and it just simply does not work. Try to find anywhere where it tells you how to mount it... you will not.

  • Mary Gibbs - Thank you Lakasha at Luminess Air

    I am new to Luminess Air it is a pricey product but I am new to using it. I recently was laid off and called Luminess Air to tell them it was a hardship to be billed $69.99 for 5 months (this is not mentioned in the infomercial at all) Lakasha was very nice and friendly. Very understanding too! She said she is waiving 3 payments for me due to being out of work and she is sending me new colors as the ones that come in the initial kit were not my shade for my skin type. I appreciated the great customer service however at no time was I advised that an additional $34.06 will be billed to my account on top of the $69.99 I am out $104.05 on erroneous billing from Luminess without my consent! Very deceiving company and they do not disclose this. I am cancelling this account and highly DO NOT RECOMMEND LUMINESS AIR. Thanks to them I have to dispute with my bank. Very underhanded deceitful company Stay Away!!!

  • J. Decarli - Minitek is a excellent most of the time

    I have had my Minitek for a month and use it almost daily. As other reviewers have said the performance on the TV or music device thru the transmitter is excellent. I now can understand the softly spoken words on many of the English movies with accents making hearing them difficult. It's performance with my iPhone is not as good, but much better than any solution I have tried prior to it. The mintek must be located almost equidistant from each aid to deliver sound to each ear. Half of the time when answering a phone call I am not sure if I will hear the caller thru my aids as there is nothing to tell me the phone is connected. I have found that after pressing the "phone" button on the remote and saying "Hello" if I don't hear a response in my ears I put the phone to my ear to see if the phone is not using the bluetooth and is operating as a standard iPhone. When it works it is excellent. I find the sound quality excellent and very easy to conduct conversations.

  • Cincinnati Kid - It Stinks

    This software has caused me nothing but problems. I've installed it twice at different times, on Windows 8 machines, with the same bad results. Everything is fine for a short time, then it starts causing problems, including instability. With Bitdefender installed, my computer recently lost its DSL internet connection. Nothing I tried would bring it back. I uninstalled Bidefender because I didn't have this problem before it was installed, and that caused a host of other problems. Like, I had to restore my registry to a time earlier than the Bitdefender installation because uninstalling it caused PC instability/error messages/problems. This software does not uninstall well, and in my experience, is full of bugs and issues. At least for me. Interestingly, I reinstalled Webroot, which I had been running, and all is well including my internet connection. I've never had any problems with Webroot. After all the headaches I've had with Bitdefender, however, I have to say - never again. I've had it with this Bitdefender and absolutely would not recommend it.

  • Miss May - It's like being at the salon all over again, except...worse

    I was hoping this product would help...correct some of the damage done (with keywords like "fresh" and "soft") during the bleaching process with my stylist and help speed along the results (we were going from a medium brown and doing the highlighting method to a gold blonde every month to prevent the usual damage/total burn out, then planning on getting that to a whitish blonde). This product was worse for my hair than anything I did at the salon. Or outside of it, come to think about it (including bleaching it myself and box color).