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  • OOSA Online Book Club - Decent

    Everyone else has pretty much said it all. I'll just say it was easy to install and not hard to use. A manual would have been helpful, though. It does, however, use a large amount of memory and slowed the computer down. Overall, it's good but it's not great.

  • Agustin Cepeda - the best for skinny guys

    the best supplement to make stretch-marking gains for the skinny dude. This is definately worth your money you have to try this

  • Tuck - Worst product I have ever bought

    Worst product I have ever bought. The product reviews on Amazon sure don't match what you will see elsewhere on the web. Put this on two machines. Got a virus on one of them and malware on the other (this one). Researched what was going on and discovered it was deactivated, then oddly, I began getting messages that it had expired. I've only had it a little over a month. Opened a ticket and no response. Anyone got a good phone number for these guys?

  • Joanne B. Lagrega - Big fan of Thundershirt!

    My dog, a rescue terrier, has always been terrified of storms, even just heavy rain. Tried the Thundershirt and was pleasantly surprised and pleased that he seems much more secure and less anxious wearing it. He even sits in front of the closet when I say its time to put it on. I am not saying he is 100% calm but much less anxious and doesn't mind wearing it even all night when we are expecting storms. Well worth the price, only wish I had one sooner.

  • Hollyjo7411 - Obsessed

    I have read these reviews and can't help but wonder how in the world they can say these things. I have super thick hair that's been colored ALOT and goes further than my boulder blades... And I have used SO many curling wands, irons, rollers, etc. you name it, I've used it! I had a hot tools wand that I used most often and had been wanting a NuMe wand for a LONG time, and when I found a coupon for $115 off, I GOT IT! The hot tools wand curled my hair fine, but it was too thick and I wanted tighter curls... So I went with the 19mm HOT PINK wand. I got it within 2 days of ordering and early enough to use it before doing a cover on YouTube (SUBSCRIBE! Hollyjo7411) :D I slept on it that night, wore it up the next day at work, came home and brushed it and it was still beautifully wavy and shiny. Not to mention it is pretty humid right now in NC! So, anyone who is thinking of buying this and is still reading this review... Stop wasting time, and go get your NuMe wand!!!!!!!