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  • mike t - Great for a Baseball Umpire Working the Plate

    As a baseball umpire, working behind the plate, especially on double headers, I will perform upwards of 500 to 600+ squats a day...With over 200 games a year, most behind the plate, the knees really take a strain...I have tried several different types of compression sleeves for my knees over the last few years...They slip, the Velcro slips...always resulting in the sleeve falling down my leg and below my knee, where it doesn't do me any good. From the first time I tried them on to the first game I worked with them I knew I found something that will work. I've showed others what I have and they are all interested...But I know I won't wear anything else moving forward. Great product...

  • Book Reviewer - I had a friend who recommended Zija to me when I was unemployed and ill

    I had a friend who recommended Zija to me when I was unemployed and ill, without insurance. She was a distributor for them. She sounded like she had been drinking cult Kool Aid when she talked about it. Imagine my surprise when was suggested I pay almost $100/mo for their version of a multivitamin. Well, I was desperate so I gave it a go.

  • LIsa Michelle - Genuine affordable parts, easy to install

    I bought these Crossbars for my 2009 Honda Odyssey. Installation was easy, ~20 minutes alone. We attached Yakima cargo carrier to the bars quickly & easily. I would recommend these crossbars if you have anything to attach to the top of your van. Happy trails!

  • Berudandi - Great product!

    I've had severe acne problems since HS and I could never get rid of it even into adulthood. I did use Accutane, but stopped because I was not fond of the side effects. This product has been great! After a week of using the product, I noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. After a few weeks following the directions, my acne cleared. My friends and family commented on how quickly my acne went away. Since I do not want to strip my skin, I now use the product once every other day as part of my regimen.

  • Don Wilson - Worth the trouble to find and buy

    This excellent product is worth the extra expense. My first use of this product, replacing mildewed caulk in a bathroom shower, went perfectly. Only time will tell if it does a better job of resisting mildew than other cheaper and more available bathroom caulks. Certainly, after a month, there is no sign of any discoloration. I purchased this from the Amazon Marketplace because a lack of availability locally.

  • DaDenz - Great Truck!

    I love this truck! Mine is the limited edition, and it offers features that cannot be found on the competition. It drives like a truck (as a truck should), and has a dash and controls that are inviting, practical, and amazing to look at. It is a gorgeous truck. The only reason why I don't give it five stars is because it seems a little under-powered. This takes a little getting used to, since the driver has to "step on it" to get the same results that might be achieved by merely beginning to depress the gas pedal in other vehicles. But, when you step on it, it goes and gives plenty of power. It handles well, and overall, is a blast to drive. Its a nice size that offers the interior comforts of an SUV, with the practical back end of a truck. The size is great for getting in and out of a parking garage vs. a full size truck, while offering the ruggedness and practicality of a truck. This is a macho truck with a lot of the luxuries I've come to appreciate.

  • marginalefforts - Great issue; white supremacists huddle around Trump candidacy

    Great issue; white supremacists huddle around Trump candidacy; George Packer tours the Parisian banliues searching for jihad, which turns out to be less a matter of class than an existential quest; Jelani Cobb reflects on changing quality public education in the context of multicultural changes in Queens and America