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City: -6.2595 Leinster, Ireland

  • Paula Higgins - Needs better distribution

    Great read, but is this book getting to its intended audience? Has anyone thought of how we get this book into the hands of icebergs?

  • atula - Please never purchase from this company. I just received ...

    Please never purchase from this company. I just received a call from my bank. I use a Google Wallet that I transfer money only from my Savings account to place on the card. That is the card that I put on file with WISH HOME app. I have made purchases since Nov 15th, 2015. I have received some of the items. But they have some how hacked my savings account. My bank has been covering charges to my Google Wallet from Wish Home. My Google Wallet is not showing these transactions. But my bank account sure has, so I had to close my Google Wallet and my savings account today. Merry Christmas to me. So please never purchase from this company.

  • Nelson - Yes it can be stinky.. But the results are worth it.

    After buying cheaper brands for about a year I decided to go back to this one. Nothing has given me that glowing healthy look that I experienced when using this oil in the past. Yes, it can be stinky like some people say, but the smell goes away once I apply it. Maybe I just got used to it, maybe I don't care because my skin looks awesome.

  • Cacoder - Excellent coding manual.

    I can not say enough good about this medical coding booklet. I wish I could be in her classroom. But since Carol can not be in every state at the same time we will have to learn via this manual. Excellent.

  • d foster - Hate this printmaster. Just awful.

    I have used Printmaster, other versions, for many years. It was a fun and entertaining product. I just purchased this 2012 version. It is just horrible. Not fun at all. There are fewer tools and hardly any graphics.

  • Red Schuhart - Surprisingly Good

    Bought this one a whim because I heard it was a great pistol for its diminutive size and I admit I was impressed. The darts fly across my living room with ease and the accuracy is great. Would definitely recommend.

  • Quartz - Nicely built but need shoulder strap.

    The bag is made pretty neat and looks tough too. The handle and hidden shoulder straps are also well made and placed. However when using duffel bag, I expect to carry it more on my one shoulder rather than having to flip it vertically and carry as a backpack.