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Jury, Farrar & Associates | Eyecare Specialists - At Jury, Farrar and Associates, we are the preferred eye doctors because we spoil our patients with great service, beautiful design, and cutting-edge technology.

  • http://juryfarrar.com/our-practice.html Jury, Farrar & Associates | Eye Doctors - Jim Jury, Ryan Farrar & Liz Green are the lead optometrists at Jury, Farrar and Associates specializing in premium eye care services.
  • http://juryfarrar.com/our-services.html Jury, Farrar & Associates | Professional Services - Jury, Farrar & Associates pairs decades of experience with state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best possible eye care in the world.
  • http://juryfarrar.com/resources.html Jury, Farrar & Associates | Resources - Team JFA works hard to ensure you have information when you need it through various omnichannels for your convenience.
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    City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

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    The Crgpro Laser Christmas Lights Star Shower Light is simply amazing. From the moment it arrived I realized it was a high quality product. Even the packaging it came in was extremely high quality. It came in a very solid cardboard box with a magnet closure. (I was very impressed as I have never purchased anything that came with such a tough, durable box. I will definitely be saving the box to store the light in when I am not using it. The side of the box shows the temperature range this light can be used in (-20C to 40C or -4F to 104F). I love that this is clearly marked and I didn't have to read through instructions to find this. (The day I received it it was 91F so I wanted to make sure it wasn't going to damage the light,....it didn't! When I set it up you have to connect the powerpak to the actual cord. I was a little nervous about this connection as it didn't seem very secure, but then I spotted the screw on cover attached to the cord that screws on the connection to the powerpak. I was thinking it would be real weather proof, but now I see that it isn't waterproof, but water resistant. Just don't submerge it under water (I would assume that you wouldn't want it under snow either, which may be an issue for Snowy areas as the stake meant to hold it in the ground is only about 6in. So if you want to put it in the ground, you will need to purchase a taller stake or instead attach it to a post. I attached mine to one of my fence posts with a small screw.. It works great.

  • Adil Yitiz - who steals my lunch

    Relabeled it liverwurst and left it in the break room fridge. Of course it was gone the next day. Turned of the lights in our office and as expected, Peter from accounting was the only one glowing in the dark. No wonder he never brought lunch to work.

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    I absolutely adore lavender oil. Such a great essential oil for so many different reasons the positive energy that brings. The fact that I could use it on my dogs and it keeps the fleas away makes me like oil even more. I blend it with coconut oil and use it as a body oil and a fragrance.

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    I didn't even cover the spot with fabric. just put the glue on the leak and let it dry and it seems to be holding.

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    Great product and saw results within a couple of days. These products hurts some peoples teeth after uses, but don't worry! Incrementally reduce the amount of time you leave the strips on until they do not hurt your teeth anymore. Its a great product and I recommend to everyone.

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    I almost sent them back because the instruction sheet said for 2012 CRV. But,someone at amazon said they would fit my 2015. Also the, the screw holes did not line up. Then I read a review that said to turn the bar 180 degrees. So I did that and "voila", they lined up. Then I found the rear bar was not wide enough. I had the two screws on one side tightened and there was big enough gap on the other side that the screws would not reach in to the screw holes. So I loosened the other two screws enough so that the screws on the other side would start. Then I went back and forth tightening. The instructions could have been a little clearer. But, the end result is what counts.