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Julie Noted Home page - International Gospel Church of Burnt Oak is evicting a family from their home of 18 years. The tenant suffers severe medical conditions that are exasperated by stress, which is deleterious to his health, and will cause severe hardship for him and his family.

  • http://julie-noted.co.uk/medical-letters.html Julie Noted - Medical Letters - Medical conditions of tenant who is being evicted by International Gospel Church, Burnt Oak, Edgware.
  • http://julie-noted.co.uk/woodcroft-leter.html Julie Noted - Woodcroft Evangelical Church leter - Initial letter from International Gospel Church - formerly known as Woodcroft Evangelical Church, Burnt Oak, Edgware.
  • http://julie-noted.co.uk/tenancy-agreements.html Julie Noted - Tenancy agreements - Tenancy agreements of tenant who is being evicted from his home of 18 years by International Gospel Church, Burnt Oak, Edgware. No further tenancy agreements were issued after April 1998. No Section 20 notice was issued.
  • http://julie-noted.co.uk/letter-to-igc.html Julie Noted - Letter to International Gospel Church - Letter from tenant to IGC (International Gospel Church) describing the family's hardship and inability to pay the extra, above the agreed rent, being requested. The tenant did not agree to the variation of the terms of the tenancy.
  • http://julie-noted.co.uk/possession-notice.html Julie Noted - Possession Notice - Possession notice served on the tenant by International Gospel Church, Burnt Oak.
  • http://julie-noted.co.uk/eviction-warrant.html Julie Noted - Eviction Warrant - International Gospel Church (IGC) Notice of Eviction/Eviction Warrant served upon the tenant.

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