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  • Yvette M. Pruett - The program is good but ROXIO is not an easy outfit to deal ...

    Had problems when I needed to install it in another system after the old one crashed. The program is good but ROXIO is not an easy

  • Alisa L. - Great upgrade for laminate countertops

    I recently used the "Java Stone" kit to update the stained white laminate counter tops in my kitchen. As other reviewers have stated, this won't fool anyone into thinking you've got stone or granite, but it's certainly nicer than the plain laminate we had before. "Upgraded laminate" you might say. The Java Stone is a much nicer color in real life than the color swatch on the box. It has almost a purple-brown hue to it in some lights, but I think it would compliment just about any decor. We have white cabinets with brushed nickel handles/pulls and stainless steel appliances. It looks good.

  • Rebecca Burns - Great mouse, improved CS

    Great mouse, improved CS:GO aim over Razer Deathadder Chroma. I love how light it is. I didn't think I'd use the DPS switch... I don't use it in-game but the good news is it doesn't get in the way and It's impossible to pres by mistake with a palm grip (which I use). I do find myself switching to higher sensitivity for productivity work such as browsing the internet though so I'm glad it's there. My only complaint is that I can't turn the LED off and it's kind of bright. Highly recommended.

  • Victor Hugo Padilla - A new era of GaGa!

    I absolutely love this album. Love that it's a rock album but with pop, funk, alternative vibes. GaGa sure knows what she's doing. We evolve with her on this journey. I really love Million Reasons, Joanne, Hey Girl featuring Florence Welch, Sinner's Prayer, Diamond Heart, & A-Yo. I couldn't be more proud of her. She has done well. I'm sure any true Lady GaGa fan will enjoy this new album.

  • Harry Mark - A very good phone!

    This phone is very good for the price. The screen is good and the phone is nice and thin. Phone storage is only 4 gb so if you plan to store massive amount of apps that only allow you to save to the internal storage this might not be the phone for you. I rarely store much on my internal storage anyway so this phone is perfect for me. A few apps I installed on my phone internal are Max go, Norton and Fx app. These apps do not allow me to install to the sd card. I used a 32 gb micro sd card to install facebook, adobe and many other apps. I plan to store thousands of songs on the phone. The sound is good on this phone. I might switch to a 64 gb sd card. The screen is set on bright and it will use a lot of battery so make sure you change it to a lower setting. I did and the battery last much longer. I love the graphics I watched a movie, the pictures are clear and streaming smooth. I will be waiting for manufactures to make a nice case to protect this phone.

  • Steve D. - This Ninja really is a kitchen warrior!

    The perfect kitchen tool for mixing, chopping, blending, crushing, juicing, and anything else you can think to do with it. This is actually our second Ninja. The first one still works tremendously well, but we misplaced or lost the tall pitcher and blades. This set gives us even more capability. You can load cabbage into the pitcher, pulse a few times and you have perfect cabbage for cole slaw. Need to chop onions for a recipe? No more tears, quarter the onions, drop them in the Ninja, and in seconds you have all the chopped onions you need.