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  • pumpkin - Waste of $$

    Doesn't work. I tried this for 6 months. Logically no product can tighten your neck for more than a few hours. It was smelly...really stinky and doesn't do what it promises. Waste of $$.

  • Tiff - Very Happy With Results

    I've been taking this product since around the 20 of February and the stuff does works. I did not measure anything when first starting because I did not want to be consumed with how many inches of growth. I figured to get a true test of the product I would wait and see if the man of my life says anything. And this man doesn't notice when I change my hair.

  • Pixanne - Great for a Gift!

    Beautiful book visually and wonderful recipes. Mario's comments are humorous and to the point. Very happy that I bought it. It will make a great gift for several family and friends at Christmastime.

  • Barbara Mech - I was amazed when I first got this machine from NuSkin as ...

    Just turned 63 and was aware of the galvanic spa benefits when I would go to get a facial. I was amazed when I first got this machine from NuSkin as it delivered benefits with my first use. I have bags under my eyes and dark circles; have had these most of my life; it's an inherited thing. The machine helped to relieve the puffiness with the first use and my skin looks great also. Yeah NuSkin

  • unhappy_packager - No Improvements since the DOS Version

    If you are a new business looking for an accounting package, do yourself a favor and chose something besides Quickbooks. We have been using Quickbooks for years and are unfortunately locked in since the downtime associated with converting to Microsoft Dynamics would cripple our business (not the cost of the software itself). Intuit forces us to upgrade Quickbooks every three years which is not a huge problem in an of itself. The problem is more that Intuit breaks features with each release rather than adding improvements.

  • Linda Hanson - Cannot recommend this book

    I purchased this book to study for my HESI A2, which I hope to take later this month. I have to say, I'm highly disappointed in the editing of this book. There are NUMEROUS errors, ranging from typographical errors (e.g. organsim) to factual errors (the nitrogenous DNA bases being identified backwards -- cytosine and thymine as purines and adenine and guanine as pyrimidines -- page 116, and then the review question uses the reversed info to give the user what is an inaccurate answer) to general errors (neurOGLIA being identified as neurALGIA -- page 201). As a former mathematics teacher, I haven't even looked at the Math review sections since I don't need to review that material, but I would imagine that the errors cited in other Amazon reviews are in fact there. I will confirm that one of the questions in the Math practice test has an incorrect answer (problem 6 -- the correct answer is 6, but the book answer is 72 -- they did not follow correct order of operations). This is far from a comprehensive list of the errors I have found so far, but serves as examples of some of the more egregious ones I have encountered.

  • Ariel Valerie - great service and protection than you

    A real computer geek referred me to your services so I knew I was onto something. So glad I found much better than the others and it doesn't mess up my computer w/my cable service, what a relief at last