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  • S. Felton - IRULU did not work for me

    Since the tablet would not come on but twice, it is hard to give a complete review. If you are wanting to get on the internet and play's an okay tablet. If you are wanting to use it without a cord for more than an's a horrible tablet. I left this tablet charging for 24-48 hours and went to turn it on and it would not power up. I let it charge for another hour and it still would not come on. I have read several issues like mine online so I think that this must be a problem with this tablet not just a random thing. I have returned the item for a full refund from the company. I was very disappointed as this was my "black friday" special purchase and now I am having to return it because of no fault of my own.

  • MsNick - Worked for my military PT test!

    I was concerned about my waist measurement for my upcoming PT test. I got lots of advice once I voiced concern. One being use Preparation I did for my practice test. My waist was measured at 35...but all other components were less than I knew I could score! I barely passed the practice test.

  • Phylis - Kids 'n' Pets

    I was in a pet store looking for a product to clean pet stains on carpet. Another shopper surmised what I was looking for and recommended Kids 'n' Pets, telling me that it was available at Walmart. So on my next visit to Walmart I bought a bottle of Kids 'n' Pets. The first time I needed to use the product I applied it to my carpet following the directions on the bottle. Wonder upon wonder it worked with the first application (unlike many other products I've tried)! The carpet looked like there had never been a stain at all.

  • LilMissMolly - Light hearted enjoyable read!

    No Such Luck by Caitlin McKenna is a light hearted enjoyable read. The story centers around Riley, who is a 20-something Bostonian. After being dumped by her long term boyfriend, Riley takes a 10-day vacation Scotland. While there, she meets a strange Caribbean woman who puts a curse on her. After returning home, and experiencing several really bad dates, Riley sees the Carribean woman again - in Boston. The rest of the story is Riley trying to put an end to the curse with much comediac effect. I received a digital copy of this book from Kindle Scout.

  • A. Blomberg - Good wifi for Windows machines and newer Ubuntu install.

    Had some issues with Linux and Mac drivers. Works great in Windows and my newest Ubuntu machine though!

  • Dustin Kolb - I give it a negative 4 star and gladly gave it to my worst neighbor

    If I find the sorry $&& #*+* that invented this plastic piece of *#+*. I'm going to bend that retard over and plug it into the jack $&& myself!!! Good thing Customer support didn't know English!!