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  • Janet M. Berwick - DO NOT BUY

    I am going to attempt to warn anyone thinking of buying WWE vs Smackdown video games. I have owned a few and I have not learned to avoid them because I keep hoping I will get a copy that does not freeze, or glitch. Every game I have bought has either froze, glitched at points, or the cd itself broke somehow (grinding inside my xbox). I know my xbox is not broken as I play other games on it no problem, however for some reason, Smackdown games just never work properly. My latest problem is being unable to complete the wrestlemania stories as the game freezes at the same point each and every time and causes me to restart the xbox. Also, my game will randomly begin to lag, and this is extremely confusing to me since I will not even be plugged into the internet. However, for whatever reason, the game itself lags! I think WWE should just stick to wrestling on tv and not push for their business to turn into video games. I bought about 3 copies (all new) of Smackdown 2009 and they all broke within a month and less of play time. I recently bought Smackdown 2010 and within 4 days, yes 4 days, it broke on me. I do not understand it but I will NEVER purchase wrestling games EVER again. The games are all defective.

  • Debra J Russell - Must Have for any men who have sensitive skin!!

    Best shave cream!! If you have sensitive skin, you must use this!! His face is so amazingly soft after using this!! His very sensitive skin did not react and he has declared this as his new shave cream!!

  • kawaii_dickbutt - 5 star, but because of how the buckle works ...

    5 star, but because of how the buckle works. I forsee the belt wearing out fast. Maybe not. I could also be an idiot

  • stephen newmark - invisible

    I used McAfee prior to trying this product. In my opinion this product is far superior. The messages are clear and the interface is just about invisible. This program also does not slow my computer down as much as the other.

  • Tiger88 - Works like a charm

    Replaced monitors and video card to upgrade from DVI to HDMI. these cables have worked like a charm. Not a single issues. Granted I'm only using a 6 foot cable to support a monitor that is 1920x1080 so it's not like I'm pushing them hard. For me they are working just fine. Would recommend them to you. Have not tried them with 4K but for 1080p videos and video games they work good for me.

  • NoName - Beware of gray market resellers

    In April 2015, I purchased 2 SSDs, one for each of my desktop PCs. One of the SSDs has recently failed, so I tried to return it to Samsung for warranty replacement. Long story short, Samsung refused to honor the warranty because the reseller I purchased it from, maxproductsales, is not an authorized Samsung dealer.