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  • Tinkertonedprincess - This bath mat is perfect. I have almost slipped a few times while ...

    This bath mat is perfect. I have almost slipped a few times while using conditioner in the shower and finally decided I needed to get a shower mat. This is thick and holds down in the tub perfectly. It hasn't moved once since I put it in. It doesn't slide around and cause trouble like other mats. It's a nice pale white color and is very easy to rinse off. It looks to be made of rubber but not 100% sure. I would highly recommend this especially to the older population to decrease their chances of falls in the shower. I work as a home health aide and tell all my patients to always have a bath mat inside and outside the shower to prevent falls. This one will keep you safe.

  • Daryl Kim Hamblin, PhD - So far a success

    I am writing this review a little over a week after I received my new Almond. I live in a very old house with 12 foot ceilings 2 by 12 floor joists and plaster walls. The router is attached to my wife's computer on the bottom floor of the house at the back. My computer is upstairs in the front of the house. I tried another router extender before I bought my first Almond and it dropped the signal on a regular basis. When I bought the Almond over a year ago, I had a terrible time setting it up and eventually resorted to a YouTube video and immediately set it up without any difficulty. It dropped the signal occasionally, but I believe it was almost always associated with the loss of power in the house after a storm. I merely reset it and had my signal again. Then it mysteriously quit and it failed to reset after multiple trials. Because it had served so well in because there was a new Almond product available through my favorite resource (Amazon.com), I decided to stay with a winner (even though the first one died on me). I worried about set up since we had switched from a PC to the iMac, but it set up without any difficulty and I immediately had a signal upstairs. I am getting a four star rating only because I have not had it for long and I can't comment on its long-term reliability. Both my desktop and my laptop upstairs indicate that they are getting a stronger signal than before, which supports the company's statement about its increased range.

  • Concerned Purchaser Of Things - Disappointingly unrealistic.

    What's up Playmobil? The characters have no body cavities. I had to spend several of my own hours with a drill press to rectify the oversight, before repacking the set and getting it under the tree before my kids awoke on Christmas morn. Also I had to create mini Sikh/Hindu headgear in order to teach my children how to profile potential Islamic terror-doers. A lot of extra time spent by Mommy and Daddy to make this item work as advertised, but otherwise a lively and fun, educational toy.

  • Amazon Customer - Great purchase!

    Second pair of the same frames I've bought after my first pair broke. I have a more oval face and I get compliments all the time. Great purchase!

  • Joel N. Sturman - An Easy Read but lots of nitty detail I had forgotten about.

    Well written. A great perspective on the foundations of today's disfunctional government. Looking forward to Balz's next book to follow.