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  • Devin Vea - I am very happy at the way KODI is set up

    I bought this product off of amazon about 4 months. I am very happy at the way KODI is set up. However please keep in mind that KODI is ever changing and ever evolving. You can't just simply plug the console in and play (although this system is pretty close) If you want to be able to get the MOST out of your system you have to keep up with code changes and updates. I am no tech genius BUT you can watch on youtube videos that will help you tweak your system for your viewing pleasure. This is a great product and is as user friendly as the come when it comes to KODI. Mahalo and thanks for reading.

  • ptgus - I would recommend this product as it seems to be working

    I use this as a detangler however also give my daughters hair a spray right before preschool to be on the safe side. I would recommend this product as it seems to be working. We have not had any cases of head lice brought home from school this year so far. I use it on my daughters longer hair and my sons short hair hoping to repel lice.

  • Estee - Didn't work on me

    I bought this the summer of 2007 when i was interning and had spare cash. Figured it'd be worth the investment BEEEEEEEEEEEP. yeah total waste of money. I used it regularly (3 times a week) for over 5 months straight and noticed not even the slightest bit of difference. I continued using it once a week after that but am yet to see any results. I still have it lying somewhere. The only reason i gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is because it didn't burn my scalp or cause my hair to fall out or smth :)

  • Esperanto Guy - Excellent and up to date

    I am new to Esperanto, and frankly I was very skeptical about the extent of the language's vocabulary. This dictionary dismissed all doubts I had. All but the most ridiculously obscure and archaic English words are represented, and it should be more than enough for anyone but the most ardent linguist. This 2010 edition includes a variety of words pertaining to the internet, computers and various branches of science. So far, while using this dictionary, there is nothing that I have been able to express in English that I could not express in Esperanto. This is a good, solid reference that will continue to have value for years to come.

  • William Walsh - knowing my love of kitchen gadgetry

    A family friend was moving across country, and literally almost selling everything ahead of time. My mother called me from their garage sale, knowing my love of kitchen gadgetry, and asked me if this was something i'd be interested in. I won't tell you the price I got it for, but....let's just say that I had no idea at the time how great a deal it was.