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Hydroxyzine HCl (Atarax): buy online 10 mg, 25 mg tablets - Order cheap Atarax (Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride) from $0.25 per pill of antihistamine and anti-anxiety medication online for the treatment of various diseases.

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  • L. Martin - Great product

    I really liked it and would like to order more. How can I order again for same price and for addition info?

  • LaShanndylon S. - Go to Product!

    Works well on me and my daughter and son fine wavy hair. This product and water mist onto hair makes curls so defined and springy.

  • karenkeel - Hair stylist 25 yrs. Buys it here!best price anywhere!

    I'm a salon manager with 25 years experience. So sad we don't Carry its a 10! It is the best. I order it here and get it cheaper than at my professional only wholesale beauty supply store! Can't beat price. Came same day!!!! Wow. How do they do that?! Get this product if your thinking about it. It's all I use in am. I spray real quick on my way out the door and finger dry in car and by time I get to work it's dry. Silky and let's my beach waves do their thing. Looks like I styled it that way! And if you have bleach in your hair, it will protect it and make your whole head of hair feel best it could possibly feel! I have fine hair and it doesn't weigh me down. Works great on all hair types. I want to know how they made this magic product! It really is amazing. Recommend to everyone who wants nice hair! Well worth the $ can't get it cheaper even if professional!

  • Ms. Fire Water - Well worth the money

    Love this product. Works better than any other skin product I have purchased. Will continue to buy it.

  • michael wahlers - So far so good. Disclaimer- I received this product at a discount ...

    This item arrived as expected. I have it plugged in and it appears to be working. It claims that it sends out an ultrasonic noise that can only be heard by pests, but not by humans cats, or dogs and i hope that is correct and not driving my Cats insane. So far so good.

  • Shopping Granny - Hate it

    I own a bookkeeping service. I purchased a new computer with Windows 7 64 bit and upgraded to Quickbooks Premier Accountant 10. I have lost many hours just trying to work around the printing issue. Everytime I want to e-mail payroll stubs, invoices, statements etc. I have to go into the control panel and delete the Quickbooks PDF converter. Close Quickbooks, reopen and then am able to e-mail my documents. I have had to reinstall Quickbooks from the disc several times. I have also had to run the repair option because program occasionally freezes up. I am very dissatisfied with this program and feel ripped off by Intuit. I really did not need more bells and whistles and the constant pop-ups offering more services is beyond annoying. I am seriously considering moving all my clients to Peachtree. My first Quickbooks program was 2002 and I had zero problems with any of the versions until now. Intuit please give us back a program a business can really use. Luana Presler

  • TechGuy - Avast! Internet security is the best anti-virus

    Although I don't "surf the web" randomly like some people do, and don't run across allot of viruses like some people, I know this is the best anti-virus around.