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    The Essential HR Handbook is a "Home Run" when describing this comprehensive, accurate, interesting and well-written book. It is a great reference handbook that meets all the criterion for any business owner, manager, or human resourse consulting/management firm.

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    One my Fav's. Every time I wear It women want to know what I have on. I have to write it down. Then I tell them where I bought it. Hopefully they'll be enough for me next time I try to buy it on here again! I've loved Jungle L Elephant since it came out! I'm so happy I can find it on Amazon.com!

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    I have long hair and it got caught in it. I do not recommend this for hair longer than shoulder. I wanted it because it looked convenient and it is not. Also the curl I got was wavy at best. I recommend a wand for long hair.

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    I took this product for 2 1/2 weeks then I continued taking it while also taking some medicine the doctor gave me for a bacterial infection. This product really helped with discharge and odor for those 2 1/2 weeks. I will say it seems like something you will have to buy every few months or so because I purchased this in August and took it for 30 days and now I feel like I need to order another bottle to keep everything functioning properly.

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    And oddly enough, I sleep better on the days I remember to supplement with this product. I tend to have nights of insomnia, but noticed that it never seems to happen when I take this particular B. I also take another B supplement that has other types of B12 in it, but that also has a lot of other things that tend to keep me awake if I take it too late in the day. I like having B12 I can take when I forget the other. I had pernicious anemia so seriously 11 years ago I was on daily injections for almost a year. Must take a sublingual. Also, my daughter and husband who both have celiac disease MUST supplement with B12 and it makes a difference in their energy levels. B12 is absorbed in the area of the small intestine that is destroyed by gluten, so anyone with celiac disease must take the various forms of 12 (there are four--this is the most absorbable and most important one to take if you chose just one--most companies use the cheapest one in formulas but it's not very absorbable, especially in the gut-- I can't remember the exact name--).