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  • Beth Wilson - Works fast!

    Does exactly what it says it does. I've been having issues with dryness and itch. Creams weren't helping at all. Then I came across this product this month. After a few days, I've been so much more comfortable. Itch is gone and I just feel fresher. Amazing. Wish I had found this supplement years ago.

  • Cindy Kellog - Enjoy beautiful looking skin :)

    I found the Orogold Deep Peeling to be an incredible product. I am so happy with its performance that I simply had to write this review. I use the Orogold Deep Peeling twice every week. Before using the product, I used to suffer from infrequent acne breakouts and I always felt as if my cleansers weren't doing enough. However, ever since I started using the Deep Peeling, not only has my acne breakouts reduced, my skin feels cleaner and softer as well. The product has brought about dramatic improvements to the way my skin looks and I just love how soft and smooth it feels. I haven't been breaking out as often as before and I am now able to move around makeup free as well. When it comes to acne marks, I have seen a visible difference as well. My acne marks are more diminished and I believe over the next few months of product usage, they should disappear completely. Many people are scared of deep peels because they are powerful products that exfoliate a lot of dead skin. But Oro Gold has come up with a deep peel which is as gentle as your everyday cleanser, provided you use it exactly as they direct you to.

  • KindleAddict - I GAINED weight on this plan- but it is sound advice

    This is extremely good advice for people who are still drinking the low-fat kool-aid and diet advice from the 80's-2000's. It's clear people must eliminate sugar from their diets, and many will benefit from dropping dairy and gluten. That said, I am 46, 5'2", in good shape, and eat well. Eight days into this detox and I have gained 2 pounds. It's very nut heavy and probably too many calories in general for a person of my stature. If you are overweight, I'm sure this is a great kickstart. If you are looking to just lose a few pounds for summer, I'd choose a different plan.

  • April Benard - This product is amazing!!

    This product is amazing!!! However,I suggest not buying it on here but rather from a sponsor in your area... there is a 100% money back guarantee and a huge support group that you will be added to where you can read/see testimonies plus by buying it threw a sponsor you also have a coach you can always count on and often times we go to large meetings/ conferences where you get to learn so much!! And in addition to all that if you refer 3 people to the product then you can get a month free of product! !!

  • Hostile - Love my Xbox One.

    Love this product. Xbox live is fantastic. Run my cable box through the xbox one. Seamless interaction between voice commands. I can go tv and accept game invites without having to use the controller. It really is a great product. Monthly updates continue to ensure the enriching experience. Just keeps getting better and better.

  • laura - After reading the reviews, I became very excited to ...

    After reading the reviews, I became very excited to purchase these and punish my thieving co workers. Sadly.... This particular purchase is not the sugar free gummies. I wish I had read the ingredients. Live and learn....

  • Ksoup - Key Fob

    I have been really happy with the Key Fob. It was really easy to program. I know if I would of went to the deal and bought it I would of been pretty upset because it is so easy to use.