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  • dcharles - I really enjoyed using this. And its a LOT cheaper than Rosetta Stone.

    Bought this to learn the basics of American Latin Spanish. And I really like it. Its cheaper than Rosetta Stone. By 100s of dollars! I like to travel to Mexico and I decided it would be nice to try and speak the language. After all, knowing a second language is a really good thing. But be warned, this is LATIN AMERICAN SPANISH, not European. I have a book on Spanish, and there a few differences. Just like there are with American English and French Canadian.

  • Denali - Does the job, makes it easy

    I downloaded the software and did my taxes in less than an hour. Our taxes are pretty simple: pensions, social security, IRA withdrawals, two residences, no big medical bills. Since the app imported last year's return, there was virtually no data entry other than the numbers from our 1099s and tax bills. Well worth the $9.99 I paid for it.

  • An Open Book - I made the mistake of Ordering during the Summer Months.

    I didn't think about it until it arrived... but I ordered this during the summer. I live in the south and it sat outside in the heat for many hours. It is not working but I seriously think its because the southern heat destroyed it's effectiveness. This is one of those rare products on Amazon that I think you need to either order during the winter months (if you live in the southern states) or just get it from the drug store.

  • David Pagel - Wow, love these!

    Wow, love these. Ok I wated eight hours for these to fully charged, does it take eight hours...have no idea...went to bed then woke up and they paired right away.