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  • FROC 2531 - for which it works nicely. Also tried it on a ceramic platter that ...

    Used for building model rocket components, mostly from rather dense heavyweight card stock @ .050" thick and cardboard tubing, for which it works nicely. Also tried it on a ceramic platter that was damaged upon removal from the kiln, and it is truly useful in this capacity. Highly recommended.

  • Tiffanie R. - OMG Love it!

    OMG Love it!!!!!!! I don't have a lot of closet space so every fall I pack up my summer clothes in boxes and pull out the winter. Then turn around and do the same thing in the spring with the winter clothes. The boxes are big and bulky and take up so much space. Plus they are an eyesore cause I really don't have a place to store them. I usually stack them up against a wall in the extra bedroom. I just put all my winter clothes in these and was able to get them all in one box. I am literally flabbergasted. It is amazing!!!!!! I don't know why I haven't tried these before. They are easy to use and hold their suction really well. They will keep out spiders and silverfish and keep stuff from smelling muggy. I even have a winter comforter and a summer comforter and was able to put the king size winter comforter in the jumbo bag and reduce the space it took up by like 75%. I definitely recommend these!!!!!!

  • Jon Griffith - Great replacement part

    Great replacement part. I had a problem getting them squeezed in. It seemed the springs were more sprung than the ones I took out. But I managed. Even so, I would buy them again.

  • Candy Bertrand - can't stand it

    Quick books for Mac is not user friendly. When I transferred it over from Window's I had to call the support line because it did not work like it said it should. Then the lady who I could barely understand because she didn't speak english well told me that this call would be free but if I had to call anymore after for support I would have to pay for it or I could set up a monthly payment and call anytime I want. Not cool. I've used quickbooks for Window's for a few years and it was very user friendly. Quickbooks for Mac almost made me bring my entire MAC back to the Apple Store. I'm used to it now but still prefer Quickbooks for Window's. I'm even considering switching to another finance program.

  • gregoryg - Great stuff

    The only disappointment was that I lost the driver and absolutely NO WHERE online can you get another driver for it. Great product on the first PC I used otherwise. But be sure to keep the CD!!

  • Mike - Just don't ask for help or expect it to work

    The scanning went fine all the way until I ended up with nav.exe causing very high CPU. I followed the links to get Help, which ultimately dumped me in a Forum. I created a message with very detailed information about my problem and the troubleshooting I did along with the results. I waited a week. No response from Norton. I prodded the Forum and got two messages. Both from just people out on the web that happen to monitor this forum (a strange thing to do) and not actual Norton employees. Norton has to this day never respond to the problem.