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  • david l rist - Essential information

    Since the IRS no longer distributes Pub 17 this type of guide has become essential for people with complex tax returns, It is very well done, and should be, because of all the years of experience they have.

  • Richard Clary - Quality not what it was.

    I didn't purchase this new edition even though the one I have is older. The one I have has a spiral binding with thick pages, is easy to read, has color, and I love it. What happened to the quality? This new 2016 version isn't anything that I could use. I will not be purchasing this book. Please bring back the quality product as I need to up-date my planning tool. The review with pictures was very helpful and let me know this is not the book for me.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't stay ignorant...

    All I can say is wow! Why haven't I learned this kind of information about my health before?! Priceless and profound book. I began highlighting and making notes...IN THE FORWARD! That's how good this book is!

  • Cash - Passed my nclex with this

    this book was such a good investment it taught me how to break down nclex questions and how to eliminate answers, and how to think when you come across certain questions. I passed my NCLEX with 85 questions and I owe it to this book, and lots of studying.

  • Julianna - Multi use product. Aveeno Baby Shampoo cleans more than your babies hair!

    Multi use product. Hi, I was ( I still do occasional work for weddings and I sometimes work with photographers ) a makeup artist and I wish to share a trade secret with you. I have worked for some of the best cosmetic companies in the world. One company started with a M and ended with an ack! :) When it comes to cleaning our cosmetic brushes we can end up spending a small fortune on sprays and soaps that often damage our brushes as well as our pocketbooks. I was a Hostess at a major companies campaign for their launch of a new product and a girl pulled me aside and told me a secret. Use baby shampoo to clean your brushes. When you go to the beauty counter at your local department store you may see the lady ( or man ) spray the brushes before they do the makeover. This only sanitizes the brush and will not clean it. When I worked at those counters we cleaned our brushes at the end of the day with the product we sold and it was okay but I always felt that the brushes could have been cleaner. As a makeup artist I had to buy all of my brushes and it took me years to get a complete set ( prices can range for $25.00 to $50.00 per brush). The last thing I wanted to do was to replace them therefore cleaning them became a quest in and of itself. This brings me to baby shampoo, Aveeno in particular. During the show I noticed the spritz bottles that we all used in between the makeovers, myself included this was the norm, we all did it so I thought. Then the girl pulled me aside, she told me about using Aveeno to thoroughly clean those very expensive brushes. I loved this idea and to this day I do not use anything else to clean my brushes. I add a small amount of Aveeno baby shampoo to one of those little rubber glove brush scrubbers and clear away all of the colors of the pallet. I prefer this sent to the others because when I use it on someone they notice the subtle sent of lavender and this is a very pleasing smell. To sum this up (yes I talk a lot in real life too ) save your money on those expensive brush cleansers and give this a try. The worst case is that you end up with a great shampoo. * I also use this to hand wash my delicate clothing but that is another review ;)

  • Kirsten Winget - Feels Strange but Works

    it doesn't hurt at all, people who say it does just don't know how to interpret the sensation. Yes, it definitely works, but you can't be overweight for it to work. It has to send the shocks through your skin to your muscle to stimulate them, it cannot do that if there's layers upon layers of fat in the way. So if you're looking for a cure-all lazy way to shred the fat, don't even look at this. But it works wonders amazingly. I am 5'5' and 110 lbs, and it's hardest setting isn't too extreme for me on any portion of my body.