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  • Michael - Flextone

    Yes, this product does work and seems to work fairly well. Like other reviewers have noted, it serves to tighten and tone abdominal muscles but will not burn fat. I suffer from back problems, so doing sit-ups and other "ab crunches" can be a painful proposition. I can walk a treadmill fine, so this is where I use the Flextone. I use it on a 30 minute setting while working out at a fast walking pace, 3X a week. It does work to help tighten abdominal muscles, and in doing so has helped improve posture and appearance. I have also used it in the evenings while doing less strenuous activities to help tone the stomach muscles. Overall I am pleased with the product. Like another reviewer noted, the gel pads tend to dry out quickly, so I have used what another suggested. After each use I clean the gel pads by applying an alcohol-based hand cleaning gel, then recover the gel pads with the plastic sheets. Then I place the belt inside a zip-lock freezer bag to keep ambient air out. So far this has helped to extend the life of the gel pads quite a bit. (I have not had to replace them yet..... and have used it at least 80 times so far).

  • Dre Dre - Great Product

    Bought this to remove a skin tag. Although it took three applications ( it was a stingey one) it did the job well. Very easy to use and no pain, just a little sting.

  • Samuel Hurman - Very Cumbersome Software

    Edit: I've lowered this program by another star simply due to the fact it cannot do simple functions expected out of even the most basic of programs. For example, if you add a patio, creating a plant bed around the patio is almost impossible without it overlapping the patio. For a free download, this would be an easy 4 stars, but for one that's $100, this is pathetic.

  • James J - Could be a lot better

    I had used a previous version of the software and had been very happy with it at that time, but wish I hadn't bought this.

  • Jim Besso - The test worked VERY well.

    I lost my install CD for my old version of Creator (version 9), so when I upgraded my laptop, I looked for a replacement. This option, a downloadable version from Amazon, was available for discount, because it was the "old version", although it was a couple of versions newer than the one I had been using. I installed this version on my new Windows 8 laptop, and it installs and runs perfectly. I like the feature enhancements from version 9, and the software itself is familiar enough for me to hit the ground running. I've mastered several DVD's already, and generated several slide shows of pictures with music and text overlays, and it couldn't have been easier. I've also clipped together movies from my camera with clips downloaded from youtube and facebook, and that worked very well... even a HD movie that was huge - over an hour total time. It took a while to render, to the final movie of course, but there were options to render it for use on a phone, various devices such as a tablet, ipad or video player, computer, dvd, blue ray, and more. Over all, I'm very happy with this version of Roxio, and with purchasing software on Amazon - they keep the info "in the cloud", so I can get to it later, and the process was very manageable. My test worked well, and I would absolutely do this again, when the opportunity arises!

  • Iam57 - does nothing

    I've discovered as many Amazon reviewers have that some products work on some people and this did nothing at all for my fine to medium hair, not layered but highlighted hair. It did nothing - zero. I followed the instructions carefully and nothing.