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  • Thewife - Female glands, who knew

    Saved me from having to make a trip to the doctor for a bartholin gland cyst. I took it three times a day for two weeks second dose I took two capsules and by week three the cyst was just about gone and I cut back to twice a day. I was relieved to have found an alternative to antibiotics or having it sliced open, since antibiotics where the reason I ended up with it. I took antibiotics to help with an ear infections and ended up with a yeast infection, since my immune system was a little weak. I got ride of the yeast infection (coconut oil works wonders for those FYI, two days and all clear) and ended up with a cyst from the yeast infection, bunch of fun yuck :P. Hope this helps someone!

  • barhoozl - Didn't meet my expectations

    I have been reviewing and trying out many different hard floor cleaners, I was hopeful about the Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner until I used it on my bathroom and kitchen floors. The vacuum did not perform well and the head is too big to fit into the smaller spaces so I had to get out my broom still. The steamer did not start working until it had been on for at least 10 minutes, the manual said it may take longer the first time but it should not take more than 3 minutes. Once the steam started to work I felt it did a very good job but then I had the same issue with not being able to adequately clean the smaller spaces. I bought this model at Target on sale for $129.99, original price was $149.99, I am returning it, the performance of this machine is not worth more than $50 in my opinion.

  • R. Baird - Pretty great messenger bag

    This bag is pretty great. The medium fits a 15" laptop, although I won't always need that feature. I mostly wanted a bag.