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  • Jamie - This product is great for my son to gain weight

    This product is great for my son to gain weight. He is an extremely picky eater and this bottle of PediaSure not only gives him additional vitamins and nutrients that he needs, but also doesn't have a chalky-like after taste to it like some other nutritional drinks have. He prefers it ice cold and we typically substitute it out for milk, although we do push him to finish a bottle at every meal (which usually doesn't happen, but we try anyway). I also haven't noticed any side effects or the amount of sugars negatively influencing how he acts when he doesn't have his quota of pediasure each day. Overall this is an excellent product that my son enjoys drinking, which is a plus because he's on the low end of weight and BMI.


    This has been the absolute biggest waste of money EVER - and I used to do all those auto-ship CD memberships back in the day. The stuff doesn't work - plain and simple. I was told to give it more time and not only did they swear it would work, but the auto-delivery discount would kick in and I'd save about $50.

  • Ioana - Not working for me

    It didn't work for me. I still have roches, they barely touched the gel. Somehow they bypassed it. I put one right next to the kitchen faucet and they didn't touch it but i've seen couple of them strolling around it, around that area. Still looking for a viable solution.