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Hakala Research HakalaLabs We specialize in providing easy and efficient urinary Iodine testing. - Since 2000, HAKALA RESEARCH has been on the forefront of the iodine project. Using testing and focusing on iodine nutritional supplements, we aim to improve total body health. We are proud to be among the nation’s top laboratories for fast, accurate, and affordable testing.

Country:, North America, US

City: -122.3933 California, United States

  • Samuel J Leon III - Better than Expected

    This works better than expected. I've had constant sinus drip for years especially at night. Using this prior to bedtime and mid morning has made a big difference in sleep quality and everyday quality of life.

  • Jesse Jones - not a fan of the taste

    I don't like the flavor and I never end up full. I have been mixing it with yogurt and blueberries in the morning which I do like, then I make a smoothie with added fruit for dinner. I eat soups or salads or sandwiches for lunch with a snack in between. In about 20 days I have lost about 4 pounds which I am ok with since I fall off track on some weekends. I work out 4-7 times a week usually at a light intensity

  • Robert Swafford - Poor Quality

    Prompt shipment carried this monster upstairs and quick and easy assy. Started to use the equip within 30 minutes. We used the product infrequently for about 60 days and my wife said it was making a clicking noise. The rollers hit the frame when used aggresively. I called customer service and a replacement part was shipped.. Recieved 3 days later, installed, no change. Called again, rep came out to replace arms. Only one was replace because that wasn't the problem. He ordered the entire bottom rails frame and all. It came in about 4 days later. Called the rep and returned 3 days later. Replaced the parts and seemed ok. Not when used aggresively. Still clicks. Now had too long for return. Amazon said go to company, company no responce. Product works BUT it clicks, freaks me out.

  • Christianbookworm - A Good Book

    Simplify by Bill Hybels is a delightful book. The author is on the same journey we are on, but has learned lessons that can help us. Each chapter ends with action steps to help us apply the practices in the book. While every part of every chapter was not 100% relevant to my particular life situation, I found this book to be thought-provoking and challenging. I recommend this book.

  • Amy Wiley - OK clock

    I think the usefulness of this clock will just depend on the kid. Mine did not seem to pay attention to whether it was green or red when he got up so we quit using it. I didn't like that you have to reset it every night to get the lights to come on. It's a cute clock to just have set up anyway.