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  • Janson L. - Do NOT buy if you intend to import old files.

    I bought this software b/c when I (foolishly) installed my Windows update to 8.1, my Platinum 16 Version would no longer work. No Big Deal, I thought, I'm due to buy an update anyways. Well, my 100's of documents (many of which I still use) will not load. This is not an update, it is an entirely new program. You can NOT upload documents from previous versions. I guess I will have to keep an XP computer going forever. If you're starting from scratch, it will probably work fine, I have not even started using it as I'm still shell-shocked thinking about re-making so many documents from scratch......

  • Graci - Too Tight

    These knee sleeves came in very promptly and they looked as they were described; however, I could not get them pulled up onto my knees. I ordered size large (I'm about 170 and 5'7) and they WOULD NOT go up and over my knees. I do not know if they work well due to the fact they are sized so small and I could not wear them.

  • Diamond Chante - I Love This Protection!

    I love a good clear based case and this case exceeds my expectations overall. The reason I gave this product five stars is due to the fact that the scratches and dirt does not show easily, the air cushioning on the edging of the case, and my phone feels 100% safe in the case. All the buttons and cut outs are aligned correctly which allows for easy and complete access when charging my phone and using earbuds. When taking pictures my flask works great and no foggy or discoloration appears. I would overall highly recommend this case to anyone looking for the perfect high quality case to keep up with their everyday lives.

  • pachanza - Returning this piece of junk and buying Office Pro 2010

    I bought a new HP Z420 Workstation last week and added Office Pro 2013, since we use 2010 in my office. I began the setup yesterday and Office 2013 kept giving me a message that it failed during install and I must try again later. I spent almost three hours on the phone with MS India or wherever "support" being passed to 5 different people, each of which were hopeless and could not get the product to install. The final person declared that it was a server problem on MS's end which would be fixed in 2-3 hours. I tried again this morning and still received the same installation failure error. The "support" was absolutely useless and I am returning this piece of junk and buying Office Pro 2010. I would say don't waste your time with Pro 2013.

  • Ciela - ... never written a review before but this product is amazing i felt like i should

    I have never written a review before but this product is amazing i felt like i should. I literally started taking this about 3 weeks ago. I suck at remembering to take it so i havnt even been taking it regularly but omg my hair has grown so much since. It is rediculous. My hair is so much softer and shinier now too.