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  • Jenielf - Made for Senior by Seniors

    I don't like to exercise because classes in the health clubs are full of young people who are extremely thin! All the videos I look at are the same - young people leading young people in exercises that are fit only for the young and fit.

  • J. R. Burns - Must see through a child's eyes!!!

    I pre-ordered direct to get this in front of our grandchildren on the first weekend of availability.

  • Telecom3333 - Would not work

    I could read everything in Demo mode. After I purchased it I couldn't read anything anymore. It acted like it wasn't downloaded correctly. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Still same result. Using Windows XP

  • Eric Stitt - Bluetooth doesn't work.

    Bluetooth doesn't work. My car asks for me to enter a pin on the device but there is no way in the Fiio software to do that. So I'm probably going to have to wait for a firmware update. They shipped this product unfinished and it's annoying. The only reason I got this was for the Bluetooth, otherwise it's just a normal X1. Apparently there's some different internals, but you won't hear any difference. UI is exactly the same. The ONLY reason to get this instead of an original X1 is Bluetooth and that doesn't even work right. Frustrating.