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  • pdxkale - Excellent OEM gas cap door.

    I was a bit disconcerted to discover that my new jeep had absolutely no security when it came to the gas cap. I live in a large urban area, so things like gas siphoning do happen around me. (My wife's gas was siphoned on her old car a couple of years ago.) Because of this, I wanted to at the very least hide the fact that you can just walk up to a jeep and take all of the gas you want. I quickly found that this accessory was available and decided to get one post haste.

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    excellent product, used it for years with no issues. buy bulk helps not to run out, handy size packet make mixing easy.

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    I love this product, by far the best I've ever tried. My Mom actually loved it so much that mine went missing! So now we're both big lovers and users of all BANG products!

  • Willard A. Campbell - Cap it right.

    A nicely made DEF cap. Aluminum cap is so much nicer than the factory plastic cap. Glad I bought this cap