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  • Repeat06 - I liked the fuel door

    I liked the fuel door. The only thing I didn't like about the fuel door was the silver rivets, but I knew that before I purchased it. I painted the rivet on my door black. The installation instructions are lacking in details. If i remember there were only pictures. However, I found a couple of good instructional videos on YouTube that explain how to remove the existing casing and install to the new fuel door.

  • andyhah - Doesn't work

    The product doesn't repel water nearly as well as the ads imply. I sprayed it on a pair of leather boots, a purse, a hat, and a bookbag and water still penetrated into the fabrics for about 50% of the surface area I applied this to. Additionally, it leaves a rough, rosin-like texture to the product (not very pleasant to the touch for something like a purse or bookbag), and I'm not sure how or if it can be removed. I would not recommend this product.

  • Feodor Hilitski - Increases hair quality (as noted by the biased observer)

    After about a month of using it my wife noticed I got more hair. I did not really notice it, but then again, I don't really care, she does.

  • G.L. - Bye Bye Anxiety

    Recently I have been dealing with some anxiety issues that cause me to lose sleep and lose my appetite, but I was able to deal with it here and there. For a few months now it seemed to be getting worse though, so I started looking at alternative, natural products to try before moving on to medication (which I've been on before, and was not keen on feeling like a zombie again). I ordered a bottle of Calm Now to try out, and within the first week I was noticing a difference. Anxiety is still there, but nowhere near like before, and overall I just feel more relaxed. I'm on the 2nd week of taking these and have been finally catching up on sleep as well. I'll certainly be ordering more in near future as this is immensely helping me out.

  • Amazon Customer - 6 pound test fluorocarbon easily got caught between spool and frame

    Was expecting a middle of the road reel and found it to be a low budget reel. I have been fishing with bait casting reels for 30 plus years and I've always purchase middle range priced reels that suited my budget. I feel the quality of this real was way over exaggerated the way it was advertised as a micro baitcast reel. 6 pound test fluorocarbon easily got caught between spool and frame. Magnetic adjustment left a lot to be desired. I would recommend this reel to a beginner baitcaster to learn on as it is priced right for that. As the saying goes you get what you pay for. My recommendation is to spend the extra $50 and purchase a real that has quality and will last quite a while for an amateur fisherman

  • Nancy - Beautiful ornament! I received it quickly and it was ...

    Beautiful ornament! I received it quickly and it was securely packaged and arrived safely. I love this ornament series - this is the fourth year.