Multivitamins - Multivitamin Supplement - Supplement your Vitamins With Geritol Multivitamins - Geritol - Geritol® multivitamins deliver just the right balance of key vitamins and minerals. When it comes to nutrition support, people have trusted the Geritol® name for generations

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  • Wendy Williams - Don't waste your money.

    Very expensive product. If it diminished lines or tightened skin it was not enough to notice. The product has a not so pleasant scent. I would not buy this product again.

  • Tanner R. - Team Haribu, The Fruitiest and the Funniest

    Wow just wow this must have been a fuc* you as an April 1st prank or something, because the laughs don't end! I thank you guys so much, now not only are the reviews hilarious, but now we can fight ISIL. I feel like these should be taken off market, but reviews are so dam hilarious! I guess.. keep on eating guys, let's keep the laughs going. Just eat over a toilet and be weary. Also amazon has some nice air fresheners, if the lady can't take it. Peace guys. And I almost forgot.. EAT UP!

  • Jennifer L. - I really like sparkling water

    This coozie is a MUST for can drinkers! I really like sparkling water, such as La Croix, and soda, but hate when they get warm and then flat during summer days or at the office. This coozie allows me to drink my cans all day if needed. Though I will admit, I end up finishing my drinks within 3 hours because they stay cold and are more refreshing because of it. I almost purchased a similar, but much for expensive brand, and am very glad I went with this product because it works great.

  • 12tm - It does what it's supposed to do

    I had been using a previous intuit quicken version & I must admit, I far prefer the older version but unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it. I found this version to be more difficult to "change" settings vs the older version & more complex than what I really wanted or needed. I just wanted something that would serve as a computer check-book register, which it does, but this version just seems a little harder to manage. (For example, had to google to figure out how to "transfer" money from one account to another & have it post in both & cannot seem to find a "short-cut" option which the other version had.)

  • Leslie - Stylish with Wonderful Clarity

    Just to begin, I want to say that I am female. (It's nice to know whether a guy or a girl is reviewing a product like sunglasses.) I ordered the 58mm Ray-Ban Aviators. I am very happy with how they look on my face. I would say my face size is normal for a female. The only fit issues I have had is with the sunglasses slipping when I walk. I was able to remedy this problem by purchasing an eyeglass repair kit ( which contained "ear grips". I actually cut off the curved section of the ear grip that would fit behind the ear. With these, my Ray-Bans no longer slip down when I walk. I have owned a different, well-known brand of aviators in the past, and I must say that the lenses cannot compare to the lens of the Ray-Bans. The clarity is amazing! My dad has always owned Ray-Bans (aviators, as well), so I am familiar with their durability. Style is personal, but I would be confident in recommending the Ray-Ban brand to anyone who wants clear, high-quality protection for their eyes.