Global Distri Med - société de vente et distribution de produits pharmaceutiques et parapharmaceutiques - La société Sarl Global Distrimed est une jeune société spécialisée dans le domaine de la vente et la distribution de produits pharmaceutiques et parapharmaceutiques installée à Constantine, crée en 2012 par les associés Mr. Rachid THAZIR une pointure dans le domaine de Construction Immobilière et Dr. Nasser AFRI un pionnier dans le domaine du médicament.

  • Global Distri Med Contact - Address : 24, Zone Industrielle 24 Février ConstantineTéléphone: / Email: [email protected] /[email protected]
  • Distribution de produits pharmaceutique Global Distri Med - Nous assurons la distribution de nos produits dans plusieurs régions en Algérie, de l’Est à l’Ouest et du Nord au Sud, Global Distri Med, veille au bon déroulement de la distribution de ses produits, afin de soutenir la fidélité de sa clientèle.

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  • Kari T Armbruster - Great Buy

    I was nervous about ordering a jersey without seeing it first but it was an official Nike brand jersey and I was extremely happy with the quality and delivery.

  • Maria Cuenca - Yup, it lifts, firms and enhance your Booty*

    I want to say first the shipping was quick. I've been using the cream as directed I definitely see an improvement. My buttocks is lifting, firming and enhancing. I love the scent of the cream and when I put it on it absorbs quickly into my skin. I'm a satisfied customer : )

  • steven o. - rust spots?

    I've only had this tumbler a few months and it is developing odd stained spots on the inside (sort of like rust or some other form of corrosion). We only clean it by hand so there is no reason it should be looking this way. Disappointing.

  • George Batman D.M. - super great remidy.........

    This the best!!! It healed my open wound of 9 years, in a month and a half, dissolved a small tumor, and stopped an irritating cough. God's miracle in a bottle.

  • Lory P. - I bought this as a gift. I call it ...

    I bought this as a gift. I call it my health bible. READ IT! If you are tired of the lies you have been told by many doctors and pharmaceutical companies who are making tons of money on your illness that they willingly proliferate....then you will really appreciate this book and Shane's truthful insights. His no BS approach is honest and straightforward.

  • J M W - This stuff is great! Anything I have used it for it handles ...

    This stuff is great! Anything I have used it for it handles with you problem! It works great for our kitty throw-up! It is non-toxic and biodegradable too! Works on greasy stuff and sticky stuff too! Love it!

  • Howard Goldowsky - What a Fine BASS

    Let me be honest with you, reader: I reviewed this book only because I love short stories and those Amazon Vine people stuck their BASS in my face. I couldn't resist. Every past December I've gone to Borders to check out the Best American Short Stories. Once there, I run my fingers across it's smooth, white pages, skim the juicy content, and if it catches my eye, I buy. This year I took the easy way out and ordered a free Vine copy. With Steve Almond on the short list of the 2010 edition (his first!) how could I go wrong? Well, Steve's story, "Delicate Edible Birds" and a few others passed my interest test. Most of the writers' styles, however, were not my type. But do not despair! Preferences for style vary. Some people like big, fat, curvy sentences; others prefer them plain and tight -- alas, preferences for BASS vary like preferences for...well, the real thing.