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  • dwight ostercamp - didn't really like themsa 30x

    it does have a great amplifier, however it also picks up every noise in the room such as the fan and air conditioner. if the room is completely quiet it works okay.i would have returned it but I didn't have the receipt and the packaging.

  • Kins - Good product if you plan on using your infant seat with your double jogger

    When we had our 3rd child we thought for sure we'd need to make our double jogging stroller suitable for the infant carrier. This worked well with our Chicco infant car seat to just snap in...and then our 3 year old could sit on the other side. Unfortunately, we just didn't use this enough to make it worth purchasing. My two older kids usually like to walk (and then we'd just use our Chicco stroller rather than taking the big double jogger). And the times I went for long walks or runs my youngest was already 6 months old by then and I'd just put her in the seat and strap her in (didn't need the adapater for the car seat).

  • Sage User - Sage is cornering us

    Sage has changed their system. like one of the other users said earlier they want you to pay every year for the tax table. you used to be able to go in and do it manually but now you have to get it from them. They now incorporated it all together so you will have to pay around 700-1000.00 a year for the updates otherwise it is useless. Not a good program for a small starting company. stay away.

  • Toshiaki Takenaka - Can't go wrong

    I had the same brand on my 06 Accord, 05 TL and in my brother's 09 TL-SH; now on my 13 Accord and they fit nice, good quality and they are great in the winter (snow, water, mud)...

  • ashley - Great, but wish it didn't have the Echinacea

    My kids love these, and I would use them regularly if it weren't for the echinacea, as there is conflicting reports on this supplements long term impact on the immune system. I usually start giving these vitamines at the first sign of a runny nose or cough and it seems to help. Otherwise I give it a few times a week.