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Auricular Acupuncture Addiction Anxiety Migraine Medicomat Acupuncture AcuPulser.com - Acupuncture Therapy Benefits Medical Automat Medicomat Acupuncture Gate, fully automatic and highly efficient electronic acupuncture stimulation massage.

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  • Richard - Yet another review

    I bought this book to support Athol as I really enjoy his website. I had it sitting for a few days until I could find some reading time. Well my wife was intrigued by the cover and began reading. She came to me with a very positive response - she said it covered exactly why our marriage was failing a while back and that it made her realize why we acted like we did. Amusingly, she said Athol sounded like a jerk in a lot of it, but that she understands his position. In other words, he's PC-free and the truth comes through whether you like it or not. I'm about half way through it right now. So far the best part is that Athol lays out solid reasons for why it is so beneficial to grow yourself as a man and how it will affect your relationships - married or not. I struggle to do things without a purpose. Athol helped me discover the purpose to make the changes I've been needing to make. He's not selling tricks or gimmicks - just a realistic view of the world and a foundation to grow yourself upon. Plus, we all know someone (or some couple) to whom we can give this book to when we're done with it.

  • this game is easy - Stop the hunger

    I find this product is VERY good at suppressing my appetite. One of the hardest part of trying to lose weight. It is very effective and I would recommend to others for sure.

  • zagain - Excellent Unit

    I've had this unit installed for about 6 months now and so far it has been outstanding. My previous unit was the 1/3 HP InSinkErator Badger unit which was extremely loud and also prone to sticking. By the end of its life, I was having to use a hex wrench to free up the grinders constantly. This 3/4HP Evolution model is a bit larger (both taller and wider) than the 1/3 HP Badger, so you'll want to ensure you have adequate cabinet space to accommodate it. The unit is extremely quiet and very efficient when grinding.


    Looks nice, but not sealed. Slightly pushing the sub gives you lots of audible leaks on the far side of the box. Due to the only 1" or so clearance there you can't even seal them yourself. Well maybe if I strip off the carpet and take the box apart. But why not just make your own at that point.

  • B. Breeland - This grounding mat works. I was skeptical but I ...

    This grounding mat works. I was skeptical but I have noticed immediate results as far as sleep and inflamation. The purchase included a paperback which supports the medical results with medical studies. It all makes complete sense now having read the book and tried the product. This product is one of those no brainers once you have the information. I'm going to purchase a bracelet whatever is available so I can use it while in the office.

  • William Hearn - Wife's favorite.

    I have been buying Kenzo Jungle Elephant for my wife each year for the past eight years. We had heard it was to be discontinued and my wife nearly cried. I felt so fortunate to be able to find it here on Amazon. It really made her birthday special.