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  • njreviewer - A Waste of time and money

    I purchased the Weather Tech #46248-1-2 mats for my daughter's 2010 Hyundai Elantra for Christmas. I ordered them on Dec 9, 2011 and they finally arrived on December 22, 2011. Nothing like cutting it close. The order started on line then, having some questions, I called the customer service department where they answered my questions and completed the order.

  • Marilynn - It Works

    I went on a diet one and a half years ago. I added Real Dose Weight Loss Formula to my plan and lost a total of 58 lbs. I truly believe this loss would not have happened without WLF no1. I have maintained the loss for 7 months now. In the beginning of maintenance, I was reluctant to stop taking WFG no1, but eventually did and still maintained. I couldn't be happier. Recently I decided to lose the last ten pounds I originally set out to lose, so once again I'm adding WLF no1 to my diet. It worked for me! I know it will help me again.

  • Alexis Hernandez - Good VFM / Performance balance.

    This packs a fair punch for the price. It's best in a darkened room, but even with some light pollution, it works well. Judging by the ports on the back, it can be connected to just about anything. It's a doddle to use (I haven't looked at the instructions as yet, but have delivered a two hour presentation without issues).

  • gknobbe - very well done

    As always Eric has done a great job of explaining the methods and procedures of Civil 3d, this is a great book for the biginner as well as can be used as a quick referance guide. Thanks for being one of many that is willing to show others the way.

  • Richard MacDougall - Quicken 2014 Android App doesn't work!!

    I purchased Quicken 2014 for Windows so I could use the compatible mobile App on my Android. I have been able to sign onto the program on my PC using my ID and Password but, after hours of trying, can still not sign onto the mobile App, always get an error message "Login Failed", have reset the caller ID and Password at least 10X. Tried going to Quicken Customer Support on-line, finally came to the realization that there is no way to fix the problem on-line. Quicken claims that they have "real live person" customer support and you can get a phone number; learned this is impossible to do with this product. Quicken has the absolute worst customer support I've yet to come across.

  • JLFergerberger - POS Sufferers need to follow this book

    I read and followed this book and in a matter of less than 2 months my triglycerides went from 252 to 123!!! For those of you who don't know what that means....It's REALLY good!! Your Cholesterol can be fine but you can still have high triglycerides and that means trouble, it basically means you have too much fat in your blood. I maybe lost 16 pounds within a month's time but those numbers were what impressed me most. It is a sensible and easy concept to follow, nothing radical here just common sense and eating the right things the right way. They make it easy to understand so it was an easy read and it got right to the point. I particularly liked how they used real people cenarios to kind of get you to feel like "that's me", I really liked this book.

  • Kennth C. Schneider - Handy program for quick look-ups

    We have planned several vacations including RV trips using this program, Very simple to use and provides clear map printouts that can be customized with labels for things such as address, phone numbers, facilities etc. Only drawback is that it does not provide corrections or updates-- you have to buy a new one for that, but ther's always MapQuest for such information.