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  • Carol Knor - the best way to gamble!!!

    this casino set is so much better then the older one. You can actually win the jackpots on the slots, without losing your shirt. Graphics are amazing. Lots of new slots. Playing with a lot of the old characters. The face maker has more choices. Lots of fun to use. Sound is excellent. Love it!!!!!

  • Pila Dee - A Pillow for Happy Nights Rest

    I am one of those people that never gets proper sleep due to insomnia and the fact that no matter how hard I try I can never get comfortable. My pillow never feels right and when I do sleep I wake up stiff and with a sore neck. I have tried so many different pillows and they all seem to flat, to fluffy, to soft or to hard; just never that perfect pillow. I am always searching Amazon for the Perfect pillow and while searching one day I came across the Aloe Vera Bamboo pillow. While reading the product description it sounded to good to be true, did I finally find that pillow I have been searching for? I placed the order with some doubts in mind but figured it's worth a try, thankfully it arrived quick (2 days with Amazon Prime). I was very anxious to give it a try. I couldn't wait to go to bed that night and I was surprised at how good I slept and you guessed it, no sore neck. I know there is no such thing as the perfect pillow but I have to admit this was one of the best pillows I have ever used and would recommend it to anyone.

  • Maddog - What's a HASA?

    After previously purchasing a HASA R2, I am familiar with the build quality and components used...Excellent!

  • Fredrick L. Murphy - indeed, "you thought you knew him"

    The majority of Americans voted for Barak Hussein OBama, two terms in a row, and that speaks volumes of where we are at as a Nation and individually. My family did not vote for him, but we honor the position of the Presidency appropriately...regardless.

  • Amazon Customer - All you need to know, if you think you want it, get it. It's a good purchase.

    This case is the best thing you can purchase if you are looking for a reliable ipad case. I originally had the apple case, but this is much more comfortable, and feels very secure. Some people may complain about the weight, it really isn't that big of a deal, I don't notice it at least. And if you've purchased an apple pencil to go with your iPad Pro then this is DEFINITELY the case for you. The pencil case is made out of rubber, so it fits snug and does not cause scratches on the expensive pencil itself. The holes for the cables, earphones, and camera are the perfect size, it all fits. The magnet locking also works just fine! So, in summary, it is a good purchase, the price matches perfect for what it is, and my iPad Pro and pencil feel very secure.

  • Andy from Florida - Works as advertised

    Getting the payroll to work was a bit of a hassle and I had to call them to get my subscription upgraded -- it was very confusing. Eventually I got it worked out, but there was conflicting information between what the software said, what the web said and what was eventually resolved with Customer Service.

  • elizabeth redmond - Hair Conditioner/detangler

    12 Benefits was used by my hairdresser; it combs tangles right out w/out pulling hair, and at the same time is a great conditioner. I love the product. I ordered it from Amazon b/c it is cheaper than in my salon.