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  • velvet serpent - These provide excellent support and compression without hindering movement.

    These Knee  Sleeves by Mava Sports are exactly what I needed.  I've noticed that for the last few years my knees are giving me more discomfort after an intense work out or after playing sports. I was looking for a supportive device that I could wear while playing hockey. I did not want to use the braces with gears, or the braces that had the metal flex bars ( those always seem to rip open after a lot of use). I do not need the level of support that a knee brace would provide,  but I definitely do need some support. Also, when I have tried those kinds of knee brace type supports in the past, they seemed to hinder my movements, and lower my overall performance.

  • Estee - Didn't work on me

    I bought this the summer of 2007 when i was interning and had spare cash. Figured it'd be worth the investment BEEEEEEEEEEEP. yeah total waste of money. I used it regularly (3 times a week) for over 5 months straight and noticed not even the slightest bit of difference. I continued using it once a week after that but am yet to see any results. I still have it lying somewhere. The only reason i gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is because it didn't burn my scalp or cause my hair to fall out or smth :)

  • John V Magisano - Excellent Cooler

    OK the short review is a great success reducing my 100% CPU utilization temperature by approximately 30 degrees C.

  • susan Littlefield - Frustrating

    The gun/remotes do not calibrate on this game!!! It shakes all over the place!! So frustrating that we could not even play it. It may look good on the screen, but if you can't shoot or play it it is worthless. It takes minutes just to try to get it to stop moving enough to push "play!!" Don't waste your money or time on this one.

  • Justin Carlson - Neat idea, but not enough exercise and community features to justify getting over competing products

    I like the moov approach for workout activity rather than just counting steps throughout the day. The walking app is a neat idea but it talks too much, even when changing the setting to talk less. The biking app works good, but so do other biking apps. The 10 minute workouts are a neat idea and kind off work, but just aren't motivating enough or flexible enough (like if you wanted to add more reps of a certain exercise).

  • bigmomma - Don't waste your money on this thing

    Don't waste your money on a Roomba. When I first got mine, I was very happy with it. I didn't expect it to replace my regular vac, just wanted it to run around the house a couple of days a week to pick up dust and crumbs off the hardwood floors. It did just that for a very short time--then it just stopped caring. Now all it does it meander around kicking all the crumbs around the room and just riding over any dust or other debris without picking it up. I don't know what happened. I've cleaned it thoroughly several times. I've replaced the brushes and other parts. I keep the lint trap thing-y cleaned out. I've even read countless "how to fix it" web sites trying to figure out if there is anything else I can do to make it actually act like a vacuum again. But, nothing has worked.