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City: 2.3387 , France

  • Melody - Solid Build

    Overall it has a solid build, feels like it could definitely take a hit with solid face protection. This is not a dirt bike helmet like a Shoei VFX-W so don't expect it to feel like one, it has all the same properties of a bicycle helmet with more coverage. I lost two front teeth in a nasty MTB crash a while back and this helmet put my mind at ease.

  • Kaher - Don't tell your wife

    My wife wanted another child but I kept insisting that it wasn't the right time financially. I ordered this cable thinking my TV shows won't buffer whole watching cable, but my wife flipped sh*ts when she found out how much I spent on this. Currently typing this review while sleeping on the couch.

  • myreview - perfect oem mopar part

    perfect oem mopar part shipped quickly and packaged well. 5 minute install works great and half the price of local jeep dealers

  • C. davey - GREAT, Sturdy and FAST machine! LOVE you SINGER!!!!

    WOW! I just LOVE Singer! Grew up using my Mom's Tan Singer. Since then have used other brands and I was always disappointed in them (constantly breaking) This time I went with the HEAVY DUTY version and I am so glad that I did! I felt the heft of it immediately when I started sewing. Very substantial and FAST! Love the ability to use the sleeve arm too and the little compartment to keep tiny things away and safe, but within easy reach. I never ever used any of those stupid "fancy stitches" (how to immediately announce a "home-made" outfit!) so I don't miss those "extras" with this machine. It does forward and back, zig-zag and buttonholes. That is all I will ever need. Will update later after using for a while on the longevity of this machine. But it was so cheap ($119 with shipping!) that if it only last a year or two, I will still be happy!

  • sarae878 - Great Product

    I received Simplisafe in the mail. It literally took 30 mins to install and about 15 mins to program. VERY EASY! I would recommend this to anyone who wants a monitoring system that is economical, easy and has great customer service!

  • S. Whitfield - Does Not Work

    I purchased this product and have been following the instructions on usage (3xs daily) since Oct 5, 2008 with the same bottle to help w/ toes, one of which has turned black. After 3.5 months I have noticed no improvement at all. While the oils smell nice and keep the nails moisturized, I would caution others to try other cheaper remedies before using this. It may work for some, but did nothing for me. Good luck.