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  • luvmy7 - Great fun

    My 13 year old daughter has the best time dancing to this and her older brothers and sister and their significant others get in on the action too when they are here ... it's fun to watch them having so much fun, and dancing is a great exercise ... it's so much fun you don't realize your are actually getting a good work out while doing it.

  • Mary I. Ward - Nice shake

    I have tasted many shakes. This is a tasty chocolate shake, although a little chalky. Not the best I have ever had but not the worst. I would consider ordering again sometime in the future. I brought it as a weight loss shake and it does work for quick weight loss along with exercise and a reasonable diet plan. The product was sent on time and in perfect condition.

  • Kristen - Quality info with good resources

    I did sooo much research before I decided what study book I would get for that dreaded GRE test. Everywhere I went, Kaplan was highest rated so naturally I had to go with that. When searching on Amazon and reading reviews, I didn't get the same vibe that I did on other websites. I was hoping for every review to be at least 4-5 stars and some reviews weren't half of that, which made me start to think I should look into a different publishing. Nope - so glad I got this one. It's literally exactly what you need to study: simple, straight to the point, informative, practical, etc. The GRE just sucks, that's all that is, there's no study aid that will make the GRE not suck. However, if I had to choose again, I would still go with Kaplan Premier (CD rom and internet access is a huge plus). So, your $20 something (if that) will not go to waste. Don't second guess purchasing it like I did or you'll just waste precious study time!

  • Timma Wilson - Tastes Like a Cake Mix?

    It may smell like a cake mix, but it certainly doesn't taste like one. However, it is less offensive than some shake mixes. Next time, I'll order the HMR Shakes. Those are fairly tasty and in the same price range.